Ray Dalio cucked by Bitcoin

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Ahhhhh yes, there are few things sweeter than the refreshing sound of a Boomer changing his mind about Bitcoin.

Apparently, Ray Dalio suddenly has a different view about Bitcoin. After spending all these years talking about how it is an ineffective store of wealth and constantly reminding us of how it will dump to zero, he feels like he missed something.

Ray Dalio is is a Billionaire hedge fund manager that has worked with Bridgewater Associates since 1985. Despite his wealth of experience, he still missed out on the "investment bubble" called Bitcoin that constantly defies all the fundamentals that they hold fast to.

Just like Michael Saylor, the wallstreet suit reckons that perhaps he "missed something" about Bitcoin.

Michael decided to throw a few hundred millions into Bitcoin and I won't be surprised if Ray goes the same way.

For people that are supposed to be financial experts, it is pretty retarded to think that they constantly FOMO into the asset by buying tops. Or..are they? ;)

I couldn't care less though. As long as they keep feeding the ponzi... Ill be happy :D

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Things change over time. The biggest problem I have with Ray Dalio is that I can't seriously consider his statements as facts. You are more likely to make money fading his talks rather than following it most of the time. Maybe that will change since he has changed his opinion on bitcoin.

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I love Ray. But it hurts so much hearing him saying stuff like this xD

Michael decided to throw a few hundred millions into Bitcoin


I bet these guys have been buying it for years. That's why they're called smart money.

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Another old dick realizing how shit is the real-world economic model and better have some Bitcoins just in case.

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nothing better than the sweet taste of boomer tears after they got the bitcoin shaft

Maybe they are just spreading the FOMO after buying in at lower prices, that's what I would do :P

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If Ray Dalio official admits of buying BTC it will be a game changer. I like the easy way he communicates and yes, people can be wrong and I admire the ones that are wrong and admit it.This shows character strength.

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nothing more beautiful when they admit they were wrong - To err is human, to persevere is diabolical :P

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i think they already have bought a bulk of it :P

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