TRAVALA (AVA) Heading Up For Another Record Breaking Month!

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The weekly TRAVALA update came out yesterday and oh boy, some sexy revenues were announced:


And that's with two more weeks remaining for January. In the midst of Corona!

Vaccines are already here. The latest coin burn a few days ago was the biggest ever, flights integration coming this year.. And market buys coming soon too. For what, you may ask?


Up to now, this 2% was paid by a pool the team had set up a long time ago.

But they have said its about to run dry and they will start purchasing from the market once it does. And this is really BIG! Not only because it will pump the price, but also because everytime someone books a trip or a flight through TRAVALA (regardless of payment method!) they instantly become a holder. If you look for a coin that has real chances to achieve mainstream adoption by no coiners.. Look no further!

Honestly, with ever increasing burns and market buys... I wouldn't be surprised to see it in the top-20 by a year from now. And being a stable circulation coin, that gives a crazyyyyyy price per coin with current market capitalizations. I will let you do the math. :)

See you on the moon boys!

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Presently ranked 192 with a market cap of about $32millon . It's also listed in major exchanges. I think $AVA will do very well maybe not sure it'll get to top 20 though however I'll do more research. Thanks for the review

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$AVA is a great project and will outperform a lot of altcoin during this bullrun.

In case you need more data about $AVA and, please take a look at this website i've created:

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Hi! Thanks for joining leo! Here's a juicy upvote, just for you!

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That's a d*rn cool dashboard you got there!
Would it be possible to be able to create longer history charts? Now it seems to be limited to maximum of 1 month.

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Nico! So glad to see you there!

Welcome home! :)

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Just for clarity of context, If Travala reaches top 50 in mcap and the market positions in the same bubble bobble levels of early 2018:


Then every AVA would be worth 17,17$

Smart would be worth 85000K$ and would be giving you ~1700$ MONTHLY in passive income (half of that available for everything, the other half to live in hotels).

If AVA reaches top 20...


Actual top20 is 2B~ which would make every AVA worth 434$ lol.

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I dunno, that 5G chip in vaccines might interfere with plane electronics :P . I kid kid ... but my phone seems to have a better connection after I got vaccinated ... I'll see myself out now.

For realsies tho, I did get vaccinated and encourage people to do the same when they get the opportunity

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i love you

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shhhhh my girlfriend might find out :P

I'm pretty sure for the 5G chip thingy, a new token will be launched with a Uniswap liquidity pool... So we can make money of those who believe in this {LOL}

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profiting from other people's stupidity? sign me up :)


Dang! Big move up for AVA at the exchanges I just noticed. I suppose after the update was done yesterday, or was it already two days ago? Anyway, seems a bit late to jump in now.

Trying to understand how this buying AVA to provide the 2% free AVA to those purchasing something through the Travala website. Now I don't know what this 2% is, but I assume this is the amount of AVA equalling 2% of the $ value of the purchase. The current market cap for AVA is approx 50M$.

Now, let's assume they will have a turnover of 1,5M$ a month for the next 12 months which equals 18M$. 2% of this equals 360k$. Based on the current market cap, Travala will have to buy approx 0,72% of the market. This 1,5M$ is conservative looking at the growth they going through. Maybe more realistic is double? This is about 1,5% of the current market cap Travala has to buy to continue to provide the 2% free AVA to their customers purchasing something.

Ok ok, now getting the numbered down, it seems somehow manageable from a market cap perspective. From a profit point of view, Travala will give 2% of the revenue to the buyer, but this may be a large percentage of their projected profits. Recently they went through crowdfunding to get funds, basically telling me they may make an operating profit, but not a company-wide profit.

What happens with the AVA provided to users that don't have an AVA account? Or is an AVA wallet being opened automatically upon first purchase at the Travala?

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Just FOMO!

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I'll let the FOMO pass and then I'll FOMO 🤣🤣🤣

Hey thanks btw - I finally caved in and cashed in some Hive for 1000 AVA which I've now staked!

Amazing results in the current climate.

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check price. you are welcome

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Well I'm a happy man today, between this and Rune I am pretty happy with my Leo tips!

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I picked up 500 or so of AVA back when it was below 50 cents. I was encouraging others to do the same when I played around with it and saw that it was offering basically the same prices as every other travel site but had many more payment options.

The cool thing is that I got the notion to get involved with it by reading about it here on HIVE. :)

holy moly!!

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Amazing news and hope Travala will fly out of the shelves in 2021. I believe that with vaccine going out, we should see some better numbers in revenue and all the AVA ecosystem is built to keep the value within having a decent supply. Thanks for getting us on the right path with this one!

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This looks interesting.

I need to know more about TRAVALA.

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I hadn't even heard of this but I can't think of another major company that is doing this. Im gonna have to dig deeper into this. (and go somewhere)

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I really need to read more about Travala. Seems really interesting.

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The ongoing $ava shilling. It is working.

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This is another train I missed! fml

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missed? its 193 # in cmc.

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I will take that as a green light, thanks.

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The train is still at the station sir, you haven't missed it

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I will look into it, thank you!

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Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 40 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

Do you get a free flight with every shill?

I should stake more.

I think that is not a question, or shall not be... It must be the truth {LOL}
But did you notice what happened at the exchanges just this morning?
@Trumpman probably did this :)

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@trumpman has so much pull over the markets. You wait til he dumps on us ;D

Just asked him a question in that regards 🤣

The honest reply is that these are the random mumblings and recording of my journey in the space. I have had some good calls (e.g. leo since it was below a cent) and BRO and yesterday AVA and some bad ones like XEL :D

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Some good calls you made at least... But I think you are the force at the background of all these token/service whales and other crypto whales. Whenever you want you push them to drive the price up. Towards us you are so good, since you want us to benefit from it, by shilling the right tokens at the right time {LOL}

i am a whale too you know. I only shill after I accumulate enough :)

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yea, exactly... common practise... sometimes it happens the same person, becomes quiet again and then start shilling the bears. hopefully you don't follow that practise 😉


If every dollar rise in AVA corresponds to one inch increase in the size of your penis, how long will your penis be by the end of 2022? 🤔

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Don't mind me. Trying a thing: !WINE !BEER

Hey @trumpman, here is a little bit of BEER from @bluerobo for you. Enjoy it!

Learn how to earn FREE BEER each day by staking your BEER.

$AVA is much better altcoin and have strong use cases. There's so many shitcoins/tokens around us, we should promote potential coins/tokens that benefits the crypto community. Thank you @trumpman

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