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RE: Happy 1 Year Anniversary! | Incoming Token Airdrop for LEO Stakeholders and Year-In Review

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Very Nice!!!

As a big HODL'er of SPI, this makes me glad to be connected with LEO. Hopefully see some people "adding to" their SPI stack, that they are
getting from LEO!

I am currently getting a pretty big Weekly Dividend, and IMO this fantastic token is also a great hedge against HIVE-flation and Price drops. SPI is
growing very well. Kicking ASS in fact!

I only have about 860 LEO but I don't think anyone's airdrop is going to affect my status in the SPI community 😹🤣😂🤣😹

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Glad to hear it! I think a lot of people will stick around with SPI now that they've been made token holders and have skin in the game to dive deep and learn about what SPI is up to. You guys have a great community around the project and I enjoy seeing how it continues to grow and innovate


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I seem to have benefited disproportionately from for airdrop error... I am interested in making a contest out of these ~3 SPI tokens and perhaps add a few of my own. I am #1 hodler and I can spare a few LOL
Some sort of deal to find people who would be likely HODLers and maybe even buy some new ones on the exchange. Also stacking more LEO all the time!