AMA: DragonBall Finance [With - TheDefi Shanron!]

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When: April, 10th @10am
Pacific standard time!
Where: The Terminal discord server

Last night, while hanging out in the LeoFinance Discord server, I saw something that peaked my interest! And that thing was DragonBall DeFi.
This is the sketchiest project/concept that I have ever seen, but so are all of the other DeFi platforms.


I had funds readily available on BSC thanks to CUB-Defi, So I took some of my cubs out of the den(~$700), and sent them on an exploratory mission!

After a while, a few of us had decided to test the waters of this new platform
And everything we saw just added to the suspicion!

After discussing alot with @hivecoffee and poking around on the site, the excitement had died down, and I went out to dinner and eventually passed out on the couch (super adult shit)
when I woke up, the FUD kicked in! and I started poking around some more. I shortly found myself on the official telegram server for this project.
On the telegram channel I got in contact with the head honcho (or someone who appeared to be that) name "The Defi-Shanron". And shortly the idea came to me, to ask this guy if he'd be interested in doing a podcast about his project.. so thats what we are going to do!

So please in the comments of this post or during the live conversation, please post any and all questions you have, and we'll see what answers that Shanron can give to us. The AMA will hopefully be hosted in the LeoFinance discord server, and will be livestreamed and recorded.

BSC Scan


Shanron image source:

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How much of dragon ball will this project follow? All the series or only Z?

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Thank you for your question! I hope you come listen in to the conversation in the terminal discord

Hell yea! Were going to Namek with this Defi project. lol Its amazing you were able to make contact with the Mighty Shanron 🐉 following for more content especially the interview 😁

There will be an ability to chat live while listening, so I’ll be watching for questions while we talk

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Lol you ol shitcoiner you!

Cmon send a question.. can't believe everyone is so skurred

I joined the discord.

Lol i will do what I normally do and ask a overly technical question, then over react to their answer for entertainment purposes lol

I got chu fam!