Our.Glass - My Newest Lottery Ticket.

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Since my experience with Bud"Defi" a dog themed failed project. I started investing a little more conservatively.. So as always! this is not investment advise or solicitation.. this is just for our own entertainment, education and to create dialogue.

On Thursday morning (6am pst) I woke up, and looked at my phone and checked discord and looked at the servers that I follow.. and something in "TheVipLounge"Discord server Set up by:@Hotsauceislethal cought my eye.. they were talking about investing in a new sketchy coin project with an unfinished website, no roadmap, no whitepaper, no audit.

Needless to say, I was excited! so you better checkout @WEPIX cos HotSauce would appreciate that!

Since thursday morning I have been active in the telegram channel for OurGlass, and I have tried to ask as many questions as possible, and learn as much about this project and its community, how it began from its inception, and where they plan to go in the future.

What I know so far

  • Dont Invest what your not willing to lose!
  • A guy named treyvon in the YT channel linked below, had been doing a Vlog series on youtube, where a community member mentioned in the audio chat that he had been sprinkling hints that he was wanting to begin his own DeFi project
  • Project is 2days old and some change
  • Community is growing by ~100people per 8hrs - Highly energetic and motivated to promote and grow OurGlass
    People are friendly, and Trey is highly respected by them
  • 2720 TokenHolders
  • Supply = 1,000,000,000,000,000
    Burned = 59,942,497,872,029

---------------------YouTtube Videos----------------------------
I [@.hansdewet on hive] show you guys who the top hodlers are and the community should know what our whales are doing. So please check it out. We will keep them honest
Sir Crypto - - Intro

Treyvon - - Suprise Launch

Telegram Community Audio&text chat
@ The 1hr and 56min mark Treyvon hops in to chat for a while until the 2hr 25min mark.

How to buy our.glass from Coinbase + KuCoin

🌐🌐$GLASS🌐🌐 Just Launched! (~24-48hrs ago)
"Frictionless yield. 10% transfer fee. Half of fee goes to holders, the other half goes to liquidity. This means just by holding GLASS in your wallet, glass will be deposited in your balance. Liquidity has been locked for 6 months."


------------------------------BSC Checker "Audit"-------------------------------
Token name: OurGlass (GLASS)

Safemoon hard-fork. No presale, stealth launch. Holders distribution is bad (~20 addresses own more than 1%). A big part of LP tokens are locked, nonetheless the dev withdrew once 50k$ and added them back to the Liquidity Pool in short time, but his LP tokens aren't locked, so he can withdraw them at anytime.
Contract has no exploits. 10% fee for each transaction, same distribution as Safemoon.


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Sounds like something I will pass on. If it’s It’s the same ole Trevon of old, it’s probably another Bitconnect type situation. Don’t give your money to scammers

Id like to know more about how they played out, and it’s the type of engagement I wanted to draw out in this comment feed.. and I didn’t want to ruin the story for anyone.
What is a bit connect type of situation, or how do you perceive this project to mirror that.

Bitconnect was one of the most notorious scams in crypto. Straight up Ponzi scheme. Most projects in crypto are straight up money grabs. Why would someone invest in a project with no information, half ass finished website, and no white paper? I mean I don’t invest in many projects that do have those things, and for good reasons on those. I got burned hard back in 2018 chasing new shiny projects thinking it was going to make me a fortune, and did nothing but lose basically everything I invested... Most masternodes projects are the worst for this, and now Defi is the culprit.

The only reason I am invested in CubFinance is because I know who the team is and know how invested they are in the long run. Other than that, I am in high cap projects that I don’t plan on selling, like ever... I use them as collateral and leverage that collateral to make more money and pay back the leverage. The smallest cap project I am invested in is HIVE, and that’s because, well, Hive is awesome, lol.

Got it!

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Trevon doesn't have a good rep here.

Yea I have heard.. nothing more than that though really.. as widespread as his "Bad" reputation is, you'd think there would be a documentary made about the guy..

Riding the hype trains are always a gamble.