We Got Rugged. . FuK Bud-DeFi

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^^^ Vlog ^^^


For the last week or so a few of us on hive, who have become friends through Leo finance; Decided to start dabbling in other DeFi platforms besides Cub.
Its hard to write a really energetic and informational post about this subject, which is why I recorded a Vlog to talk about it.
Basically what happened was I saw these 2 DeFi platforms that looked cool, interesting, and undervalued. That was my opinion as an amateur investor in crypto currency.
After seeing that both these platforms has Telegram channels.. I hopped in there wanting to see what was up.
I'd ask questions, and get answers from people who claimed to be devs, or main organizers of the projects.
And sometimes they would agree to do AMA's.
It seemed that they were highly amenable to community input, and motivated to do great things.
The gainz seemed good, but the price of the token continued to drop, as I continued to trade my BnB for these worthless "coins". 7% deposit fee's and 2% withdrawal fees with Dragonball, and then yesterday April 15th, me and these other folks got a message on TG from "AirBud" that said hey wouldn't be able to touch a computer for a year, and was handing the project over to a friend, and the friend proceeded to tell us, it was time to get our funds out while we still had a chance.. so that is what I proceeded to do. All in all through my mistakes in dragon, and the failed investment in BudDeFi, I have lost about $5000
I cant stop thinking about the different things I could have done.. but the one thing that keeps me from getting angry or shutting down is the fact that I have the opportunity to make all of this back.

i set you guys as beneficiarys for this post.
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I shoulda listened harder to the advice/opinions of these 3 folks.

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Thanks bud, getting rugged is rough af. But we live and learn homie. Good lesson on why cubs a great project lol. But im still hunting around of course. Ill def be watching out for a few things in the future. Hope youre doing well today bro!

I am doing well today, living and learning

Oh god, I cringe whenever someone mentions me saying that my advice was correct..
Mainly due to the fact I give terrible fucking advice atleast half the time.

Sorry to hear you've fallen victim to the ever growing number of scumbag scams floating around the greater crypto ecosystem. A lot of this "DeFi" bullshit you see getting attention is nothing more than HYIP or Ponzi style "business" models getting translated into smart contracts then touted as something far beyond their underlying broken or malicious architecture.. And this doesn't even start to cover malicious service operators or contracts with back doors to steal all funds baked into them out there.

Cryptocurrency in general has always been risky to use dude to the lack of accountability of site operators and it's non-reversible nature and I suspect as more and more people start to migrate towards it as mass adoption slowly grows it's roots deeper into the collective intelligence of our species with it will also come more elaborate and plentiful scams.

Hopefully this hasn't wiped you out entirely or put you in a financial situation that jeopardizes your livelihood or future, I know if I had $5000 to lose and it occurred I'd not only be pissed off and stressed, but also financially fucked with things like server bills, rent and food that require endless recurring payments either having to wait until I can get the money to cover them, provided I can negotiate that.. or end up having it be paid by my wife after me having to explain to her I'm financially unable to support my businesses and obligations, which would be fucking embarrassing and make her even more pissy at me then she is now with the time I spend at my workstation working on projects over spending quality time with her.. :/

Anyways.. If you share some more info with me, we might be able to find out some details about the operators of that shit that scammed you and maybe get lucky with a dox or having them brought in by authorities. I managed to get the moron on steem that was uttering bomb threats to steemfest dox'd and thrown in jail over warrants he had outstanding + the threats..
so maybe we can do something similar to the person or group behind your loss, it's a long shot we're able to dig up enough info but possible and something I offer as help in this situation, as I'm to fucking broke to offer a monetary donation to help cover the loss.

Shoot me a message on discord or something and we can do a bit of digging. Not generally one to call the cops, but if it helps get you your cash back or puts the scumbags behind bars perpetrating that sort of shit I'd not mind stepping out of my normal view towards police and use them as a weapon against those deserving of such.

Wow man!! I was thinking this same thing, and not knowing where to start.. If I could just know why "he cant touch a computer for a year" than that would bring some closure lol! I have just been gossiping that he is a child molestor, but without knowing who "he" is, it dosnt really mean shit.
Yea I'll hit you up, on discord!

Yeah. hook me up with some info privately and we can start trying to locate, track and take down these pricks. Find this sort of thing enjoyable and fulfilling although cannot promise anything due to the somewhat random nature of what clues or info dickheads leave open to a bit of OSINT and digging.

"he cant touch a computer for a year" is a pretty fucking lame excuse to use on an application claiming to be "DeFi" meaning it runs without the need of admin input or tampering ideally. Sounds like a whole load of horse shit a scammer would use as an excuse to me.

That is the kind of stuff that has kept me away from Defi the whole time really. But I trust the Leo team to do the right thing so that is why I have all mine invested there, some in GooseDefi because They did away with some of the dens I was using... But I have t had any issues from either of those platforms. Stay vigilant man. Sorry that happened! But at least now you have the knowledge to make it back...

Thank! Yea Feelz Bad Man! But I didnt get burned as bad as others, and the hole I am in is not as deep. so I am fortunate.

I completely forgot that I can add beneficiarys to hive post!

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I tried, but I also got an error message.

Try with Peakd.com

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I will next time, but since it’s already posted, I cant go and edit that into the advanced options.

I’ll just do the math on my own, and distribute the reward accordingly. I just wanted to show these guys that we all were in this thing together.

Lol idk if it'll ever follow in the footsteps of Doge

Sometimes you get lucky sometimes lucky people get you.

That's why I am doing the holding staking and very carefully delegating for my returns.

Actually I'm extremely excited on everything that's been going on.

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