1$ Hive soon?

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MC around 240 Million.

CMC Rank 189

Price per token: 0,65$

24h Low / 24h High
$0.506707 / $0.780152

Compare with other tokens, I would say easy peasy lemon squeezy.

Some example: ETH 193B MC, that's 804 times higher than the total hive MC.


Polkadot 34B MC

and even some random place 100 token: 700M

But that's short-term.

Long term I expect much more.


Outside Attention:

Super nice working product.

And a lot of active development, that is hard to follow, because it a lot :D

And much lower supply as people imagine. There are close to 77M Hive in @hive.fund. The community treasure. This Hive nobody can buy.

For me I hodl. Doesn't matter if it's 1$, 5$ or 10$. In times of 50$ ETH fees, I see also here a huge market :)

I also feel that we become much faster as we all expect a BSC Fork for Hive :)

And there are so many things that happen at the same time. We will see an awesome time for Hive.

No financial advice. Never follow a creepy internet guy without doing your own research.

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Three is already a wHive on ETH and BHIVE on BSC it’s just not advertised or being used all that much

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I know.

And we will see our own fork of BSC with hive as a native token sooner or later. It will come

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why would you need to fork?

An ETH fork as Sidechain for Hive. All dapps can so come to hive in an easy way.

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