Hive and LEO sexy holdings

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In 2021 Hive has the chance to become super big.

The work in the background is really cool and we will see in my opinion a lot of cool things this year. Besides this, I think LEO shows what chain connections can bring a benefit.

Thinking about this, I think long-term, it is stupid for every other crypto to doesn't be on Hive. It can be the ultimate communication channel with true ownership + trust-building.

That's the ultimate power tool if we think about how Reddit, Twitter, and other social networks work.

Trust is key in long-term games.

Besides the communication aspect, it's an easy way to connect with crypto investors and users and get an advantage of free and fast transactions. Build a dapp on hive, can be also a point of touch with other cryptos.

With true smart contracts, things will involve super fast. Why should a dapp build on another chain at this point? There is no reason. Build on Hive and connect to other chains will be the thing.

This brings me back to LEO.

LEO can become one of the biggest dapps on Hive. Simple because it's already here and has proven success from the past. This trust is priceless.

We already see the first expansions to BSC. Project Blank will be something cool I waiting for, I think this will leverage a lot with RC delegations. Can't wait for it.

CUB is also something I'm really bullish on in long term. The Bridge between chains + easy use will be a key element in the future. I don't have any closer information, but I would expect with smart contracts on Hive, it will expand more and more.

Some cool things in 2021 on Hive that will show up

3 speak + the token airdrop for Hive holders. It will be a super cool event.

more Hive engine decentralization + diesel pool / defi things.

Hive core code updates, more usecases

RC delegations

Project blank

NFT stuff

increase active users

Cool marketing things, new tribes, and much much more.

In the 1 year Hive is old, things become faster and faster. It's impossible to track everything. And this is for me the most bullish indicator. LEO shows roots start on Hive and expand to other chains. IMO more tribes and projects will expand. 3speak has also a huge potential to connect a lot of things together.

Overall everything looks pretty good. You know most tokens are out are ERC20? Think about hive smart contracts and the potential behind this. Also, users can easily increase by factor 10. So much space for expansion.

No financial advice, do your own research

Now some random, what are your moon bags besides hive, leo and cub?

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