My dream years back

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If I look back, it was a crazy ride. Years back, I never could imagine having a lot of Steempower. It was at this point at 5$.

10000 Hive was like the Holy grail, something like " wow if i could have 10k, that would be soooooo amazing".

At these prices many people that read it now think " holy shit dude, you are fucking retarded to buy at these levels".

But the idea of tokenized community and the data storage onchain, was something that makes me bullish in the early days.

Store data on Onchain, is revolutionary. Because it can be everything. Think about this longer and you get it.

Today everyone is talking about NFTs. A NFT is more data than a transaction. That's the reason ETH transactions become more and more expensive.

Wrong chain for it.

You know what Text content is something like a NFT. And besides that, Hive handles it for years.

Hive is superior. We know it. And we can add to hive everything we want. Sidechains and so on.

Sure we all think, I want more Hive.

Covid made some things even more difficult.


The bear run gave many of us the chance, to get the power we all wanted so badly. And we can be happy. Stupid whales dump their Tokens and make it cheap for us. For the real Hustlers, the Holders, the degens.

In short for the community.

Besides that,

The community is stronger than ever.

The development is better and faster than ever.

The future for Hive looks brighter than ever.

I'm happy to be here. 2021+ will be our time.

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Keep on powering up!!
You can also stake LEO rewards
and I think POB token is also a winner.

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i agree!!!

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