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A good and intuitive interface is the key to success in today's world. Nobody wants to use something difficult, that's ( what people tell me) the reason why Apple phones are so successful.

LEOFINANCE.IO is in general good.

the Unique Front end is already really good.

What I would suggest changing:

On posts:

Posts are like the end of browsing with the current build. You click on one and it is like the End. You can return or leave. That's never a good option.

Now you maybe tell me, push return is not so difficult, but that's a huge point people bounce off.

The flow must go on.

I would recommend something like a recommended area on the site or under the article. It can be small like a 2 sentence comment ( from space).

I know recommended is a bit more difficult to do. It can be a sort of the same tag / related tag. There are some good open-source things out for it.

If this is not an option, something like "the last post from author" or " people you follow also upvote/like" can be also an easy solution.

That's good for time spent on-site, interaction, CRO, and rankings in search Engines. Also, it should be good for the User experience.

I would recommend some copy and paste from style like from youtube or another successful platform. Reason is, they are already spend millions in A/B testing :)

I would expect this higher return in ads long term.

Social media Buttons

I know, I hate them too. There is a not ping version of those buttons.

It can be worth thinking about. Maybe show them only to people that don't log in. Would give the average Billy an option to upvote and show all their Facebook, Instagram, Reddit / Twitter friends what they found.

Why it is good?

More views, more backlinks, more attention, and higher conversion rates + ad revenue. The main users are on those sites.

The second reason, marketing is expensive, let the users work for you. Special the ones that are only readers. I recommend implementing it on all hive front ends. They suck, but they extract value from web 2.0 to 3.0. We need that trojan horse work for us to speed up things.

Explore field.

besides trending and top Tags, it's hard to find some content.

Maybe I like tesla, so I would be interested in a tesla tag or stocks, the subtopic of it, or whatever.

Sure I can follow the authors or be in the community about that topic, but the best option is, besides that a way to explore the platform.

It can be "all tags" or "explore" areas. It's always difficult to build something like that in an intuitive and easy-to-use way.

Maybe around the top 200 Tags.


LEOFInance is already really good. These suggestions are not essential to get the platform running, but IMO good improvements, worth thinking about.

There are a million ways to improve things :)

If there any question, feel free to ask.

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You’re full of ideas.

Love it

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Thank you!