The Backlink guide for little Lions

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After the feedback from the first post, I decided to write a simple but useful guide every lion can use to make the Link profile from LEOfinance more valuable.

There will be also some follow-up posts. Because the topic is not only for LEO, it works for every tribe.

Also, some changes Onpage are a decrease in bounce rate and an increase in time spent on site. Also, link juice flows around the topics, Silo structure, and CRO. But ok that's for the next posts.

Also, some guerilla tactics bring attention to posts outside the Hive network :)

OK let's start.

First the simple concept behind Backlinks.

The search engine crawlers follow links. The links become an internal Value. As longer a link stays on a good site, as more valuable the link becomes ( not 100% true, because there are also other parameters, but in general it works like that).

Think about a Waterfall the water follows the easiest way. As more powerful a link is, as more water can flow that channel.

More Water means greener grass = better rankings in search engines.

So that about the basic concept, to let things as simple as possible.

What can the average Lion do?

First and most simple, if you post something, share it on your social media profiles. This is not only good for SEO, but also for brand building.

Second: Share it in places people like the topic and share it again.

like you post about dogs, nobody cares if you share it on cat hardliner groups. So share it with people that like the topic. This brings a parabolic movement in things like that.

Third: you own a Blog on another site? Simple but a link to your LEO account here. It's also good and brings more link juice here + people can follow that link and can spend time on LEOfinance.

Some hustler thing: Broken Links, you have found a website that has some content about a topic, for example, Bitcoin.

The link on that site is broken. So you can look at what was the content about, Copywrite it on Leo, and reach out to the Website owner " hey I have seen the like about bitcoin is broken, you can link it to LEOfinance/mycontent as a reference if you like".

This can bring really powerful links for cheap to leo.

That's not only good for LEO, it's also good for your content + the website owner doesn't like broken links in general. So it is a helpful thing.

And for sure, Viral topics. What is trending? ETH NFTs are trending? So people are interested in that topic. Some write-up, What it is and how it works brings also attention. With the right # + right time to share it can be like a little wonder.

Would be also a strategy for Cubdefi to become more attention there.

About social media sites:

There are not only the big ones. There are thousands. Also, forums and other places people share their opinions.

BTW, you can there also share content from other Hive users. If the content is good and worth sharing, it brings additional value ( network effect).

If outside people start to share the content, it multiplies the value. Special if the people are not already connected in the link structure. It's like Search engines see " uh that must be relevant. This old profile has shared the content too with x amount of connections.

There are a lot of places, like on Reddit, people talk about finance stuff. It's also not bad to share content there. I think many hive users know Reddit and know how to use, and what the rules are. Again don't spam. Everyone hates it, not only search engines.

Don't spam. If you already use it, you can share. Don't build a ton of profiles. It is a waste of time. They have all scores behind. Newer ones with no reputation behind are really fast marked as spam.

Sure it is not 100% accurate, but that's the basic behind a simple strategy everyone can do without having a ton of work. It doesn't moon leo from one day to another, but that's a background high valuable links can build on.

it must be natural as possible ( as a Blackhat, I know what I'm talking about :), or in other words, don't do crazy things.

Is it possible to spend more effort? Yes, but as deeper, we go, as more complex become things. So that is the guide for everyone :)

Benefits long term in short:

higher rankings in search Engines.

More Brand building around social media.

More contact surface to Web 3.0.

Higher ad revenue, more LEO tokens get burned :)

strength the Hive Network in total.

and so on!!!

There will be a part 2 about video content and how to use :) I know we have 3speak, but attention is attention. For the deep thinker, yes youtube algo works the same way :)

That's a topic I have spent years on it :) So if people like it, I can talk around that topic for months :D

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