The Race of WEB 3.0 begins.

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As you can see in the Video, Jack (Founder of Twitter) has a Bitcoin clock.

Besides that he describes Hive. It sounds like a Copy and paste from hive what he wants to do with Bluesky (bluesky on Twitter if you want to look at it).

At the moment we are far ahead. Our chain is running. IT works and people make it every day better. We also grow.

But don't forget. This guy has a Billion $ marketing budget. If he copies and paste ( or build something similar), he can market it faster as we are all can.

I know it will be likely a 100% premine stake only Jack owns ( and his friends?) and will be likely end in a drama. But we want the WEB 3.0 branding.

To survive Copy and paste attacks, we need clearly more marketing.

If people hear WEB 3.0, it should be instant " ah you talk about Hive".

That's what needed.

We don't need to be scared about this. It's bullish in general because he says like a dinosaur "that would be a good idea". But it is already there. Called Hive.

First, he will try copy and paste. If it doesn't work he will likely build on hive. But for that, we need to be 100x bigger, in MC and users.

Twitter is worth 50 Billion USD in market cap. Only a frontend is worth that amount ( and the users I know). Hive is so much better :)

Look how dinosaur it is:

Hive has already. Since years...

We also have big apps, front ends, games, community, keychain, Tokenize community (first version), and so on.

It's so revolutionary what we already have here.


Marketing proposals will bring hive next Level

Super cool one from @lordbutterfly. Let's see how it works out. If it works well, we should scale on that.

From @nathanmars the upcoming Twitter Marketing proposal. Should be funded without thinking. Because we need the Twitter activity and he does a lot.

What I would like to see is something on Facebook ( and tiktok, Instagram, and so on). I don't use it, but I'm sure many do. Sharing on the groups there and we can start to absorb that user.

I think there will be more coming in the future. Marketing has the same/ more value as the tech behind. If nobody knows about the tech, it's worthless, right?

"You can have the best product, if you are the only one that knows about it, how valuable would it be?"

A bit offtopic

I think I already become shadowbanned on Twitter, not 100% sure, but they start removing my likes and other users told me, they don't see some of my posts. If weird. But there are the people.

Next HF, cheaper Wallet creation in RC and hive cost?
I will market it if enough people vote for it. Share it :)
#hive #hiveworks #posh #leofinance

  1. 0,1 Hive and cheaper RC

  2. 1 Hive and cheaper RC

  3. wallets need no fix

Vote on Twitter or comment here, I think cheaper wallets are needed to grow faster and become a bigger base against Twitter and other upcoming protocols try to be WEB 3.0. It would also leverage marketing in a huge way.

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2021 is the year of Hive Bull

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I’m not technical but this sure does sound like Jack is describing Hive. I think there’s needs to be work on making up the user experience better and 100x easier to use for newbies who don’t care about blockchain or crypto.

I fully agree that Hive needs to own the Web 3.0 titles before Jack and co do. Or find an opportunity to strike a relationship with Jack to make an even more unstoppable machine 😁

Exciting times ahead and work to be done by those behind the scenes. Interesting post, got me thinking.


and if we compare it to classic social media market cap hive is super cheap. And if we compare it to crypto also, the same.

A lot of room to grow.

Just lets make that he buy all hive fast up and he have what he wants 😂👌👌👌