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In short and simple.

The proposal is about Twitter marketing and reward efforts by the community to promote Twitter and build connections to other people - crypto Holders.

Long Term Hive will benefit from it. IMO it should expand with time to other WEB2.0 sites + Youtube for Interviews, but it's a different story.


  • Hive becomes attention.

  • Hive becomes more user with time and also investors

  • reward the effort of people that care about hive and try to shill it on Twitter.

  • It will set the first step in the right direction to reward efforts outside of Hive ( and we all know marketing is needed).

What does it cost?

200HBD a day

What is the risk?

It doesn't work the way we want, but we can only learn from it. Longterm we need this data for future decisions. And compared to a marketing agency it's cheap. So why not?

What I would expect?

It rewards people that already market hive on Twitter + people will go more hustler mode if they get rewarded. So I would expect more activity.

Some investors look on Twitter and the activity there before they buy a token. It's also not bad. Because Web 2.0 is still a thing. Special if we look Link / Tron / XRP and so on.

Allows making little contests to give away hive or reward.

  • Like MEME contest
  • video contest
  • or whatever

If done right and people get for example 1HBD for an interesting Tweet about Hive, people will talk about this 1 HBD more as we expect.

Also, this brings attention to Hive.

For example:

Someone random with 1000-5000 followers tweet something under a post. Can be every topic.

Special early/new twitch streamers on Twitter, active but with not many followers. They have most time no money and response close to 100%. With luck, they grow and promote hive because they like the idea. For some HBD as a donation a very good deal.

Works also on other topics very well.

If the Twitter team comments:

Dude I love your content, fucking mindblowing. I wish I could send you a tip on Twitter for your effort. Here 1HBD on hive, you can claim xyz way.

I hope you will post there too in the future, would be awesome.

Risk/reward is IMO really good. So why not voting for it and we can look at what happens? Worst case it doesn't work and we all learn from it.

Best case more proposals pop up or this one can expand to other WEB 2.0 sites.

Will, it is a huge success start from day 1?

I would say no. I think it needs some time to become efficient and really good. But it doesn't matter long term. We also need the data. If reporting is good, we can all learn from it.

With time I would expect it becomes efficient and worth multiple times the cost. Special in Bull run we need more Twitter activity.

Remember Hive birth? Twitter was a big part to get attention for Exchange listings and for reputation.

Crypto News is on Twitter + all kinds of developers, Investors, and users.

Here is the proposal, simple Vote and we can look at what happens:

Here @nathanmars community proposal:

Any questions?

Feel free to ask.

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