A win-win Deal for all LEO Investors - Miners, Content creators, Curators, Liquidity Providers

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As at the ime of writing this post, @wrapped-leo account holds 868,591.348 LEO tokens and that represents about 16.3 percent of the total LEO tokens in circulation. We are seeing this percentage grow to about 25% in the coming weeks especially as the Liquidity Providers (LP) incentives have been made clearer with a high annualized yield of 138.39%. Details are available in this post.

Bonuses received by those accounts providing liquidity for wlEO on ETH blockchain would be worth much more in USD value as $LEO/$wLEO continues to grow in price. Yesterday, we recorded an all-time-high price of $0.3 for LEO on Hive-engine which was valued at approximately 2HIVE.


On daily basis, the Leofinance community and $LEO/$wLEO is earning more fresh visits and adoption as development continues to thrive in the community. Everyone on Hive can tell how awesome it is to use the Hivestats account tracking tool, trade other LEO and other Hive-tokens on Leodex or learn about cryptocurrency and blockchain technology on Leopedia. These are awesome crypto absed services that makes a social/investment journey on blockchainand crypto interesting.

There are much more on the pipeline an LeoInfra was announced. Any development which seeks to allow for the collaboration of blockchains and several cryptocurrency projects is what we direly need at this time. Such is the promise about LeoInfra. It is interesting that many are coming to the realizaition of the need for collaboration and this is when mass adoption would be possible.

The wake of crpto collaboration is the beginning of Mass adoption.

The @Brofund project is also incubating DreamR which promises to break the technical bottlenecks associated with blockchain and crypto adoption as well as cater for collaboration of related crypto projects. Looking forward to when projects HIVE, STEEM, BLURT, UPTRENND rewards could be combined together to give a rich crypto portfolio from content sharing. This would be a strong force against the grip that centralizes social platforms holds on internet users.

Back to the wrapped-LEO stake, it is evident that as more LEO is wrapped into wLEO, the less the percentage of LEO tokens staked for curation. This again opens up another opportunity for LEO curators. Staking LEO becomes more profitable as more curation rewards could be drawn. This is because as the share od LEo tokens staked reduce, the more LEO value can be given out in upvotes. Already, the vote amounts have increased by 13%. I'm still studying and would share when the figures are validated.

A win-win Deal for all LEO Investors

Indeed, anyone that is buying into LEO as a crypto project at this time is in the preparation to amass wealth. So far, these are the earning opportunities available:

I'm sure that more earning options would emerge in the near future. This, I say because I'm seeing a hunger for more growth around the LEO ecosystem. It therefore becomes important for any crypto enthusiast to have LEO in his portfolio be any of the above five earning/investment options.

the future of Hive looks brighter with Hive tokens. At this point, we may say that Smart media Tokens may never surface again as the Hive-tokens have bridged the Hive blockchain with other blockchains. I'm hoping to see other H-E projects follow LEO in the coming weeks.

The year 2021 would be a crypto year and being a part of the innovations now is just the best of decisions that one can take.

Join the winning train now...

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thanks for telling me I didn't know that by staking LEOM AND LEOMM I can earn LEO
I also create LEOFINANCE content and get some Leo

because of WLEO ON ETH blockchain LEO future is bright

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LEOM and LEOMM are very powerful tokens of the LEo ecosystem that would be very valuable when $LEO surpasses USD1

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We're sure living in exciting times and I'm glad I followed my intuition and started focusing more on the Leofinance community lately. It sure starts to pay dividends :<)

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Awesome, there are other awesome tribes out there too. You could also engage to spread your winning chances.

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I have engaged for three years ( in different tribes and all over Hive / ( and previous Steemit ) but I'm running out of juice lately. In the end it's all about balance.

It's only the beginning of all these wins, as more tokens follow LEO's lead we could see tribes sitting on a big amount of stake to develop their platforms too no need to wait for the bull run we're making out own markets

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Certainly. Well said. The second layer of Hive is a terrific tool to tokenizing the entire internet space. Let's imagine the market cap. of all Hive tokens summed into Hive's...

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LEO is still in its early stage yet, it has grown above many old projects. Investing in it now will not be a bad idea because it is visible that it will grow even more in the future

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As long as the project shows the tendency for further buidling and growth, its time to invest. "I wish" is never a nice word to say/hear.

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"A win win" indeed I think we will even see more choices to earn leo in the future.

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Quite True. Much more valuable features are coming in the days ahead.

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Nice list for LEO Investors and a lot of ways for anyone to get a piece of the pie. This ensure stability of the ecosystem as it is build on top of such pillars.

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Yeah, the more the options the healthier the system.

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Seems that I need to invest something in LEO 😁😎🤑💰

Time is still ripe for that.

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A link to the LeoInfra announcement? I haven't seen it anywhere

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