Diversity in Investment - Spicing my Second-layer Hive Curation Portfolio

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Today, I decided to diversify my Hive-token curation portfolio by adding a new token and building upon the other. Some further researches I made on the two tokens were revealing amazing outcomes that I didn't want to be told but experience. Much more, its well agreed that variety is the spice of life.

Hive blockchain is quite wide and extending beyond what many know. It awes me each time a user pops in the comment section of my post and mentions that he just learnt about LEO, SPORTS, etc, yet, you see a reputation of 65 and more. In yesterday's update on "The Power of Rewarding Authors With Second Layer Tokenization" by @leofinance, the following lines got me reasoning..

With today's prices, LEO would represent 64% of the total rewards earned by these 25 authors in the last 30 days... In my opinion, this is the most effective way to earn rewards. Join a community of like-minded people who share the same interest as you and your content will have better engagement, better rewards and it will be easier to get noticed - especially as a new/small author. This solves many of the problems that Hive faces, and I hope to continue to prove this point over the coming months.

It is important to see Hive blockchain beyond $HBD and $HIVE. More to Hive has been defined by the second layer and we're still in the testing phase. By 2021, some of the Hive communities would be advancing to thrive mode and the tokens shall no more be localized as "just an addition". Rather, I think that the Hive tokens would become the "main thing" while HIVE plays a supportive role at the rear as a base token.

In the past few months, I have personally experiences that as LEO has always contributed more than 50% of my monthly earnings on this blockchain. 75% as was recorded by @loefinance is just the latest "real" example that should thrill anyone who understands "numbers" to pay a closer look at the second layer tokens on the Hive blockchain. Some users recorded over 80% contribution of their monthly earnings from LEO token only.

I'm settling all in for second layer tokens. WHile I may nt rech the whale status with HIVE, I want to be the whale curator with the Hive tokens. It's way easier to climb the ladder with the tokens. It all feels like joining Steem in May 2016.

As noted by @Leofinance, tokenized reward pools OUTSIDE of native HIVE pool can be an effective way to reward authors. Yes! Number if Creative authors on Hive blockchain are on the increase and one can easily get lost in the crowd. Engaging a smaller niche with specific content support would make more meaning.

My NEOXAG and CCC Stake Build

All through today, I've been playing around the Hive-engine markets for CCC token of the Creativecoin community and NEOXAG token of the Neoxian City to gather as much tokens as I could to boost my stake worthy of a tangible second layer curation.


100k token stake has been my goal for both tokens though only 93,491.37944 Crativecoin token (CCC) and 87,995.28422099 Neoxian City token (NEOXAG) were grabbed. All tokens are powered up an curation would ensue. I spiced things to the highs of 371.99% and did set a latest ATH price of 0.047 HIVE (since movement to Hive) for the CCC token.


The Creativecoin community is meant to be a collection of creative piece ranging from art to writings. I may not be very detailed on the kinds of posts acceptable there. Further information can be drawn from this post tagged "What is Creativity?". Meanwhile, I'll be glad to build up my stake in CCC so I can give a welcome vote to a set of student fine and graphic artists as well as fashion designers that I'll be bringing to Hive as school resumes.

Here's my Motivation for grabbing and staking more NEOXAG token

I read this post by @chronocrypto and that got me interested in getting the full gist here. The collaboration between the Mancave community and Neoxian City is a great one that would better both projects.


The gamification for giving out the BRO token airdrop to NEOXAG stakeholders is amazing.

There will be a pot of 200 BRO Monthly to give out lasting for a year in total. Totalling 1200 BRO.
In the same fashion as BRO gives out HIVE dividends, our BOT will measure the difference between newly staked Neoxag and reward according to height.

This allows every new stakeholder to be a potential beneficiary of the airdrop. it's really a safe time to by into the Hive-token projects and being able to spread a reach is awesome. Neoxian city is an all-content tribe where authors earn NEOXAG. There is a 20% tax to posts not created using https://www.neoxian.city/. I'm in to joinn their league of curators.

Curation on Hive is something coded and only those with a futuristic investment mindset would oblige. Staking tokens for curation allows the investor to wait at least 13 weeks into the future. This waiting is very crucial for Hive projects which is still in the toddling years. I wouldn't be surprised to see the tokens on Hive today worth $1 in the near two years when crypto mass adoption hits Hive.

I'm not making any promises, neither do I give financial advice. All content above are the outcome of my personal research and a log of my thoughts for future reference. Though, getting some handful of NEOXAG and CCC wouldn't be any bad.

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Staked a few CCC as well but will continue increasing my stake steadily.

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