HIVESTATS: 85 Hive Power in 7 Days, $35 Total Authorship Rewards

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The week from July 4th to July 11th has been an awesome week especially when I compare with the previous week. I've been indoors most of the days over the last 7 days and this made me give some more time to creating contents and curating contents on Hive blockchain.

While I am building my curation strength in Hive tokens, I am not forgetting my growth with HIVE and it is my earnest desire to hit the 5,000 Hove power mark by the end of the year. I would have gone quite far with that short for the few weeks I powered down my hive to meet some pressing expenses.

Reading @Josediccus' blog today on his unlocking of the 17k Hive Power milestone was quite inspiring. I know him to be a quality creator on this blockchain and reaching such Hive Power levels can only be a product of dedication and hardwork.

Our Hive growth is the first sight when people see our blockchain account and I am willing to grow my Hive power alongside but with consistent authorship of quality contents.

Looking-up on your past achievements has a way of boosting your morale for the journey ahead. Hivestats developed by LeoFinance community is a Hive account statistics tracking tool-set. With this tool, a Hive user can actually see with some easy to read charts how much he grew or stunted over a 7-day or 30-day analysis period. The Hivestats tab has been continuously opened in my browser to help me lookup at my performance as a content creator and Curator on Hive blockchain.

Hive earnings are broadly categorized into author rewards and curation rewards. While the author reward s presently pays out in HBD and Hive Power (50/50), curation rewards only pays out as Hive Power.


As shown in the Hive Power chart above, I was able to earn as much as 85 Hive Power over the last 7 days from content creation. This was as a result of 1973 votes received from awesome Hivians.


Within the last 7 days, my account also witnessed a healthy Daily rewards (USD) with peak performance on Sunday, 5th July, 2020. Saturdays seem to be some tiring days for me because of the engagements an training I am engaged in. Just like today, I was only ale to make my first post at about 21:00.

In all, I am thankful to all Hivians that do engage my blogs over the last 7 days. Their upvotes and reblogs, comments were very encouraging and that helped me to earn as much as $35 over the last 7 days. That's a huge one for me and I am grateful. Below is a screenshot of my dashoard on


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