HIVESTATS: Hive Engine Curation Earnings = 6x that of HIVE || July 10th to 16th

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Twelve days ago, I made my first comparison of my HIVE earnings versus Hive earnings in this post which showed how that of Hive Engine (H-E) surpassed the main HIVE chain over the period under study. While looking-up my account growth on Hivestats, I discovered that the trend still continues with much more gap quite close to a double.

Thanks to the LeoFinance community for the creation of the
very essential DApp like Hivestats which is pivotal to every Hive user. The Hivestats tab is always opened in my PC each time to aid a quick view of my account details.

While looking through today, my eyes first and foremostly captured the curation reward for Hive and H-E tokens and I was wowed to see that my H-E curation rewards is about 6 times that of HIVE. While I earned 2.89 Hive Power over the week, I earned $3.79 (17.3 HIVE) from H-E tokens curation.

This is just the beginning of the awesomeness of communities on Hive blockchain. I am personally channeling efforts to building my community commitments as well as curation strengths. Currently, my interests lie with LEO, SPORTS, CHARY and CTP. Some Hivians are coming to these realization and this will be a grand push for HIVE.

I really want to see HIVE become the centre of attraction in the cryptocurrency when over 1,000 tokens would be trading in healthy volumes of over $1,000 of worth each against HIVE. At this point, HIVE would be compared meaningfully to Bitcoin and USD as per utility. This will happen when we all concert our efforts to build our communities and help onboard new users to Hive through community promotion.

I have personally started. When I talk to a person about HIVE, I mention a community of interest and how he can maximize it. For instance, meeting a sports lover, all I tell him is the Sportstalksocial community] so he doesn't get scared on how to start creating a HIVE-centric content. However, when sports is the focus, such a person would gladly oblige to join because it's where passion will be rewarded. This applies to other communities on Hive blockchain.

I am deliberately growing my stakes in Hive tokens with current status as follows:

  • 26,400 LEO
  • 20.7 million SPORTS
  • 10,000 CHARY
  • 1,600 CTP.

I try as much as I can to increase the stakes of each token each passing day so I can reach my grand target of being able to give out $5 worth of upvote in a single shot. At that time, the curation earnings would be worth much more and that means much more value too to content creators.

It is important that everyone come to the understanding of this realities as it is a preparation to the real thing that will be when Smart Media Tokens finally come live.

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What do you think it will take to bring AMMs to Hive tokens?

This would massively boost liquidity overnight & could bring good LP fees for staking Hive.

Wow wow wow!
Such disparity in ROI.

Many are yet to know this!

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