How Much SPORTS Stake is too much?

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It's so exciting that we have several investing options on the Hive blocklchain. The ever increasing Hive-tokens with added usecases is another awesome development to the chain that would lead to a "big" effect on the future if all the community leads are as visionary as should be. Marketing the Hive blockchain should be a sole responsibility of the respective communities which makes it easier to reach out to individuals out there with specific community targets.

I believe in diversification and with Hive communities, diversification is healthy on this chain. I remember a few months ago when I was full of LEO. All my contents were about LEO and LeoFinance community and their related projects. That was its season on my investment calendar. Having rose to a substantial LEO stake level, it became necessary that I began to add up other tokens to my second layer curation portfolio.

SPORTS token is the second Hive-engine token in my curation profile and I seek to push it stake further to some reasonable highs to at least 20% of the total Hive-engine token holdings. LEO alone covers over 70%. I'll share statistics in another post.

SO far, with 45million SPORTS in stake, I'm only 45% into the target SPORTS stake in my curation portfolio. 100 million SPORTS in stake is the goal I'm reaching to and I hope that gets through in the next Six months. Hive is still less than a year and is a baby in the crypto space and so are the second layer tokens. As such, I'm seeing these tokens with a "long term" eye - 3 to 5 to 10 years.

I've read the evolution of Bitcoin over the last 12 years and I know how happy the early whale adopters are now. Their BTC investments as at 2008 which was less than $1k is worth over 1000x and many more. That's just the blessing of being an early adopter.


Looking at SPORTS token, there has been a huge under utilization in the last months of its existence. Curation has been the only investment opportunity that has surrounded the token, however, we see a solid build and buy pressure around the 0.0002 HIVE value. With new investors coming in and seeking to grow their stakes, the value of SPORTS would break ranks when developments start to surface.

I see now as the best time to buy and hodl the token. I prefer to curate with them while waiting for the season when full utilization would e rolled out. I've been in talks with sports organizations and football teams over the last 5 weeks and I'm hoping to see new users flood into the system anytime soon.


I'm still aiming for more. I learnt my lessons with LEO. Thanks that I ha d followed my instincts to gather as much as I can when the prices were in the lows of 0.1 HIVE range. Now, LEO is 15x that price. Such a pomp may happen with SPORTS any time soon. Let me gather them while they're cheap and stake them for #sportstalk curation.

How much SPORTS stake is too much for you?

You may join my SPORTS Curation Trail to maximize your SPORTS stake. With the trail, your stake of SPORTS would yield profits without your active involvement.

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There is no amount that is too much. If you have the money, you can buy all of the token in circulation and sits as Lord over all.

I still regret till date that I didn't buy Sports at $0.00002. I could have been swimming in millions of curation reward by now, and possibly have a dapp built on Sportstalksocial.

It's still not late to buy. I personally value SPORTS at 0.1 HIVE least price. It has the "big" potential yet unlocked. More users would be joining us soon. Take the advantage of holding as much as you can now.

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Thank you for your continuous enthusiasm about secondlayer token! I follow closely your updated of bringing footballteams to this blockchain. I am a fan of this approach. Over time I collected a lot of Accountcreation tokens with another account. If it would help the onboarding of a professional African football team, I am willing to spend 50 Accounts for this purpose. Would this help you in any way?

Thanks for the kind words. Hive is full of potential especially on the second layer. This is where business models work for Hive. The more we embrace them, the better.

I am willing to spend 50 Accounts for this purpose. Would this help you in any way?

Can you explain this further?

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The cost to create an Account is normally 3 Hive. If you have enough HP you can claim free Account-creation token that allow you to it free of charge. I have collected some of these account-creation token over time and could provide you with a link via (Hive-onboard) to create a certain number of free accounts. You could forward this to the football-team to onboard them.

Oh, thanks man. So grateful for the gesture.

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I guess it would help

Still anticipating your sports posts.

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