My Hive-Impact Charity Projects would also cover Sport Materials to Schools

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Thee are little ways of making impacts in people's lives and that's the most effective way of marketing a product or company. I remember those days in school when Indomie, a Nodules' company would be visiting schools in their branded stands and they would come with free packs of indomie to give out to students who oblige to participate in their cooking, dance, song or quiz competition. Afterwards, they'll leave the "Indomie Fast Food" stand in the schools canteen for students and it sells like salt.


The memories of such still stay in my mind and today, every school child in Nigeria knows indomie and the several brand types that are available today. That is just one of the many barands that have gained wide acceptance through educational charity-like marketing. This is just the kind of thing I wish to do with HIVE. I want Hive to become a household name ion Nigeria and my target is the educational institutions. Products and services promoted in schools and educational materials has a way of gaining easy acceptance and especially if the outfit promotes education.


I joined Hive for learning and that was the first motivation. The finances later joined. Till date, I still see this blockchain as an encrypted encyclopedia of knowledge. From posts to comments, there are several tons of knowledge to be gathered. There are several things in the technology and finance sectors I wouldn't have known should I have not joined Hive. This blockchain remains an archive of information that can help learners all over the world, as such, the Hive brand would be readily accepted for charity-like marketing in schools.

However, it requires a lot of funds to get that achieved. This is why I have resorted to starting with cheap educational support materials to schools to at least register the brand in the school archives. Like I'd said in my past posts, all communities that indicate their supports would be well represented and I am certain that this would help expose the Hive communities to prospective investors and content creators.

In today's post, the #sportstalk community was the emphasis showing that gifting simple materials like ball, tennis rack, pressure pumps, and other equipment to enhance sports sports in schools would go a long way to marketing the @SPortstalksocial tribe as well as the SPORTS token. On the long run, Hive is marketed and while those users get to join, they'll be opened to know more communities and awesome signup services like @LeoFinance provides.

At this point, I've begin to sample likely gift sports items that would be branded with SPortstalk and Hive and their rates so I can raise a budget for this. Doing this for Hive and Hive communities would be my concentration in year 2021. I know that beyond promoting Hive, lives would be touched hugely in the process. In many schools the learners lack the basic equipment to aid quick understanding. I have been a victim of a theoretical learning and I hope gestures as this would go a long way to help.

I request Hive community leaders and members to indicate their willingness to support this project so I can reach out to them for suggestions and ideas to better mine.

Soon, we'll make Hive a household name!

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This is another biog move on the line. I see this a project that will succeed. I think I'm beginning to understand the power in Hive.

This is great indeed hive/sport talk needs such branding to help the platform grow and I know that you can do it.
Keep up the good work, we are solidly behind you.

We own Hive and the communities, so we do our best to help the communities and Hive grow.

Sports has a big future to all that are seeing and this future greatly depends on its usage. The more we spread the wealth, the more it gets valuable.

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I understand you when you say the schools lack basic equipment , this happened to me too so I am happy you are utilizing the opportunity you are given to create opportunities for others .

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Yeah, as we bring more people to share in this wealth, we also grow in the process.

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Wow this is good news!!

It's a great way to market hive and the whole communities.

Thanks for bringing hive home with your charity projects. Wish I can be of help in enlightening more Nigerians to the blockchain.

Yeah, this is just how to grow a brand and cause a sustainable adoption.

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@uyobong, Selfless work always touches lives. Hope that your initiatives will going to spread light of hope. Stay blessed.

I'm very hopeful and I believe it would actually leave indelible marks in the lives of the beneficiaries.

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Surely, people who receive these free gifts can't just forget in a hurry the value they've received.

You're very right. They can't just forget in a hurry and how the gift changed their lives.

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Hopefully your initiatives will succeed. Stay blessed.

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