Onboarding the Masses to HIVE: See the "Communities" have the Keys

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Onboarding can be viewed as the process of recruiting, inducting and integrating members into an organization. It is a crucial aspect of organization management that ensures that the organisation is never lacking in terms of competent workforce. Within a social space like Hive, the import of this aspect of community management shouldn't be played down.


Blockchain protocols at first came with complexities that made it difficult for patrons of centralized systems to easily adopt even when the targeted users know the unique features that make blockchain tech more safe and rewarding. Moreover, many users of the traditional systems of financing are aware of the losses, looting and many privacy bridges that abound and how cryptocurrencies come with freedom, yet, the bottleneck to its adoption has made onboarding slow.

having identifies the above problems, it becomes very crucial to identify the areas in blockchain and cryptocurrency community management that have so hindered the onboarding of the masses. Until the crypto and blockchain tech win with numbers of users, then, all the efforts put into development would be a huge waste.

Yesterday, I gave a good portion of my time brainstorming and discussing ways which each integral community in the crypto space can adapt to aid mass adoption. I considered the Hive blockchain first and the communities within. It therefore turned out that the future of a win in mass onboarding must be through the communities. The central blockchain developers and witnesses should concentrate to building while working modalities to incentivise communities that are onboarding.

First, I would advocate that the "signup" button be taken off the hive.blog interface or better open to a page that gives an array of "community-centered" onboarding processes.

According to Team MyHub, onboarding is a critical task for organizations which assures that new organization members begin to see themselves as part of the organization and get to work as quickly as possible in a way that impact on their productivity and improve the overall staff retention rates. When a new user is well integrated into the system, he begins to act in a way that builds the system.

I, personally have seen myself as a co-owner of Hive over these three years of being and I give in my best to the marketing of the communities I affiliate with as well as marketing he blockchain in general. I fear when I read the rants of some users who contribute merely nothing to the future of this chain when I have singularly onboarded over a hundred active users was well as bring investors here. I pride in talking about the communities I associate with and share those thoughts on other socialmedia and with a rigorous off-chain marketing.

It is reported that 20% of new hires leave for new opportunities within the first 45 days -source. The nuimber of days gets shortened for blockchain and crypto projects where there is no succinct plans for a healthy integration. This is why we have several onbaording initiatives that have failed on Steem/Hive blockchain over the past years. New users are just recruited without being integrated. I pride to say that I personally offer my Tech Hub for physical training and provision of internet resources fpor m y new receuits and my recruits' recruits to hale them have a smooth start-up.

It is true that employees who have been properly onboarded have also been proven to become productive more quickly. I am a product of a one-on-one recruitment on Steem/Hive blockchain and this has helped me to stay over the years productively.


It's time for Hive communities/Tribes to kick-off initiatives that would recruit new users who will stay based on the community integration retention initiatives. many would argue on this, but rewards remains a unique way yo keep the masses here. There should be a valid reason to disengage from their former socialmedia to Hive blockchain. Here are a few things that communities should look into:

  • Let's know the credentials of the communities
  • Let's know the credentials of the community leaders
  • Let's enhance the members show-off and utilize their CVs
  • Let the communities empower members with unique CVs that can drive the masses here.

Communities with the Potentials

On Hive blockchain, there a few communities that have the potentials of bringing the masses to the Hive blockchain. This feature is what makes me associate with those communities over these past months on Hive.

1. @LeoFinance

A keen look at the @Leofinance community shows a typical and deliberate moves towards onboarding the masses to Hive. The recent build of the LeoInfra feature to https://leofinance.io/ has revealed a lot of possibilities which could show to the internet and crypto users why Hive blockchain should be a centre space.

After a careful read of yesterday's LeoFinance community update, I see a clear-cut vission and readiness to offer valueful earning opportunities to finance and crypto experts. The option of linking ETH's Metamask to Hive is novel as well as other cross-chain bridging prospects. This initiative could be imitated by other communities/tribes.

2. @Sportstalksocial
Many would argue out their lungs but that cannot take away the fact that sports is one aspect of the entertainment industry that has very passionate users. The Sports Talk Social community on Hive is one community with an underutilized potential.


Let's think of a scenario where top football players like Christiana Ronaldo, Messi and the rest have a Hive account and are interacting with their fans on SPortstalk community. Can we imagine the number of user that would flock into this space and the amount of investment that could be pushed into Hive? Certainly great.

Whilst the leadership of the Sportstalksocial community may nit be business-minded, the community resources could be owned up by dedicated users and efforts concerted to bringing the masses here to Hive for the good of all. There are no rules that keeps a member from holding higher stakes than project leads. Already @Onealfa.leo is doing that in the LeoFinance community.

3. @Hivelist
Getting Hive to be involved in ecommerce is one of the greatest deals that can push the HIVE token into the hands of many internet users out there. Thanks to @TheLogicalDude for thinking this project.

One of the ways that a Hive user can help spread the word about Hive is through Hivelist stores. You don't need to buy the products but you can share links to your friends who can buy them. Besides, buying the LIST token in the open market can further add value to the tokens and attract more users.

4. @Clicktrackprofit
It was a great thing to know Jon runs clicktrackprofit.com, an affiliate marketing community and decided to use the Hive blockchain as a blogging frontend. Affiliate marketing as we know is one of the financial drivers in the 21st century and this becomes a selling point for Hive to prospective users.


Buying and powering some CTP and CTPM tokens can help boost the value of the Clicktrackprofit community in a way that would entice the masses to Hive.

5. @Chary
The truth remains that "free stuffs" and charity is an awesome way of capturing the hearts of individuals to a "new product". This is one of the ways that the chary community can help bring the masses to Hive.

Already there are dedicate philanthropist and humanitarian workers on Hive who are raising some tangible funds from CHARY token to power their chair charity initiatives. Soon, I'll be unveiling my 1 million free books branded with HIVE, CHARY and other Hive communities to be shared in Nigeria. That won't e achived in a year, I'll try to make it a sustainable project.

With the above, it is evident that Hive's marketing is better led through the communities. There are other awesome communities I have not yet met and I know that everyone has a role to play in Hive's marketing.

Let's get to work and support everyone that's doing the job!

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I'll agree with you that Sports and Charity can be an awesome way to bring the masses to the Hive blockchain. Many young people like me out there are interested in sports and that can be an avenue to bring them here.

Such a nice article

im trying to stake as much as I can

yep these communities do have a lot of potential. paving the way for mass-adoption

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Great post and great points! Onboarding is important, and we all are aware of that, but keeping people on the platform is even more important... And communities should take over the task of doing that... Respect new users and "giving them wings"!

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The thing is that atm there are hundreds of communities and a newcomer might get lost.

Tbh the whole community thing isn't exactly what I was expecting...

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Hive is a product that has a guaranteed future on the blockchain and could be easily marketed for users to be onboarded directly from the community. It is a nice Proposal which is sincerely appreciated by me. Lend hand let's give Hive blockchain the required hype for the center stage among the communities of blockchain!

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It all starts by getting involved with any of the communities and creating contents.

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