Passive Earning Opportunities on Hive: The Way out of Penniless Days

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It hurts so much to see a horizontal curve on my Hive Power chart while looking-up my account on Hivestats. Hivestats is a tool created to help Hive users track the growth and stats on their account. The Hivestats tab is one fixed tab on my PC that gets refreshed as many times a day due to its embodiment. Simply, its a highly prioritized tool on Hive blockchain.

SOme months ago, I had tried to task myself of ensuring that I posted each day of a month, but sad, the skips would always come through. I've put in 32 months on Steem/Hive but completely covered a whole 30 days just four times acccording to Hivebuzz. That's bad especially when I call myself a passionate content creator on Hive.

Most times there are no tangible reasons for not writing a post daily. I just love writing and it's all I do even off the chain. At other times, I see myself sitting to reading through other users' posts. It's always a refreshing and impacting moment as I've learnt so much that if possibly monetized is beyond my Hive earnings on this blockchain so far.

However, I know anyone could just be lazy a times, but I'll hope to see if I can go a hundred days unbroken especially as we now have "schedule post" tool on Peakd. One could use the feature to make posts for a whole month while on vacation. Those lazy days are the causing factors for those horizontal curves on the chart I posted above. I had more of that in August and a few days in September due to the situations that threw me off balance emotionally. Shockingly, the days spanned Sept 3 through Sept 8 with no single bump in my Hive Power earned.

We have Passive Earning Opportunities here too

The very popular options for earning on Hive is creating content, curating content and trading. These activities are very time consuming. I've engaged in all three and can vividly tell how much time I have to sacrifice for each if a target must be met. Typically, it takes roughly 2 hours to pen a 5 minute-read post these days and that when I'm in a right state of mind.

As a curator in #sportstalk and #leofinance communities, I know that reading and curating posts in those tags may take roughly five hours of my day. Yes! I mean it. Every trader out there would know how often they got to go online to watch the market prices except for those who are ready to give out 100 BEE for a market maker bot on Dswap.


There are lots of passive earning opportunities on the Hive blockchain which I will use a few other lines to highlight. These earning opportunities just require some initial capital investment and then you can go to sleep,, then come around at weekends or month ends to withdraw your earnings. I'll be careful not to include the use of auto votes on this.

1. Token Mining
I've been aware that thee are miner tokens on the Hive blockchain but at some time, I lost understanding at how they operate. It was untill last week when I learnt about LEOM and LEOMM that got sucked out of the market in few days. Earning from a miner token simple allows a user to buy the tokens and stake them. As tokens are created by upvotes, the inflation of the tokens is shared to the accounts with miner tokens staked.

The distribution follows a lottery system that increases the probability of earnings for holders of whale stakes. SO far there are LEOM, LEOMM, HUSTLERM, STEMM PALM, CTPM that I know. All have awesome ROIs and I think you can buy as much as you can. Miners like LEOM and LEOMM would someday trade at 10HIVE and 80HIVE respectively as LEO continues to surge towards the $1 mark.

2. Delegating Hive Power to an Active Curator
This is another awesome way of earning passively on Hive blockchain. Projects like @Ocd, @Projec.hope @Curangel and others have some awesome ROI though they come in liquid HIVE or HBD. All required of the investor is to buy HIVE, stake it and delegate yo a curator after reading and understanding their terms. also provide for pee peer-2-peer leasing which allows users to directly lease their Hive Power to others with with DLease as escrow agent, to ensure that all parties' interests are protected. There is a promise of a high average Annual Percentage Rate of 17.89% over the past 12 months.

Either or Both?

However, as these earning opportunities keep evolving on this blockchain, there may be the need to engage in both ways - the active and passive. That would require a lot of investment of time and resources. A user can also choose to engage just one aspect of it depending on what he chooses to risk for an earning on this blockchain.


Knowing the above won't just help us but would alsogive an edge when marketing Hive to prospective users. I end this blog with a adjusted saying which goes thus: "spending money is sweet, but gets sweeter when it was earned passively". There are a bunch of Hive users that have not logged in their accounts in the past 30 days, yet, their earnings and income are accumulating on daily basis.

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I confess I prefer the active hands-on approach, but I lack the dedication to actually blog every day, although I do curate (manually) every day... which goes to show that some of us are as much consumers of content as creators. What I like about reading and commenting is that I can still interact and still avoid those "flat" days in the curve.

Well done, though, on having completely four "monthly blogger" months, that in and of itself is a fine achievement. And, after all, let us not forget that "life happens!"


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Thanks for those kind words.

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As I'm focused on a complete Hive ecosystem, I'm going with both active and passive earning... I would say that we can divide that on investing time AND money into it...

And regarding mining Hive-tokens, I have done some wrong moves buying some "not that good" miners, but for the tribes that I support, I'm all in...

Great post... Thanks for sharing!

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As I'm focused on a complete Hive ecosystem, I'm going with both active and passive earning... I would say that we can divide that on investing time AND money into it...

That's the spirit. Great if one is motivated enough to be an active and passive earner here.

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One thing is, it's always difficult to really do too much especially when you're involved in a lot of things on hive. I have once tasked myself to post a lot on Leo but then it made me miss my target on hive and vice versa sometimes there are things that takes our mind off blogging totally and you just mentioned them all

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We just have to strike the balance. Stay SAFU!

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Exactly, that's Just it. Thanks for writing