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RE: New Month-to-Month Roadmap and Developer Updates

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This is really amazing. Reading through everything now presents LeoFinance as a new project that is never a part of Hive. I'm seeing a "blockchain" in a blockchain.

With this roadmap, I see November as another bullish month for crypto. Certainly, LEO may be breaking its All-time records at the launch of WLEO V2.

As we release our new cold storage-based model for Wrapped LEO and then rebuild our pool, incentivizing LPs will take on an entirely new shape.

It's crucial to see "security" as a priority in the future build and releases around LeoFinance. Till the future, I'll stay on with Security over profit. This is one reason I have taken Hive blockchain to be a home.

Cheers to the LEO Community.

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Lots of good things happening over for the rest of the year. It is exciting to be a part of this.

We are seeing rapid advancement which will start to attract more users.

It is time for us all to step up our game.

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