The Gold in LEOM and LEOMM was conceeded to a few who understood the Tokenomics!

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I wish I understood the tokenomics of LEOM and LEOMM when I Started engaging LeoFinance Community. It's interesting each time I think I've known all of Hive and then, I discover some stuffs that's like keeping my mouth literally open for few minutes. That was the expression when I first read about LEOM and LEOMM on Empoderat's blog days ago. I asked myself, "While I was making the many noise about Leofinance community, didn't you read about LEOM and LEOMM?

Everything makes sense when the Prices Zoom

Surely, that would be the case. We would rarely notice a hit token here until something happens to the price and it greens around our wallets. LEOM's relevance gets boosted as LEO price rockets. LEO whale curators are providing liquidity on ETH blockchain, and earning LEO may get more difficult.

The above is Empoderat's ROI compurted for LEOM and 4 times of that should go for the LEOMM

LeoStats Skipped the Gist

I keep wondering why @Dalz1 through the weekly @LeoStats would not capture the LEO earnings by miners separately, I think, I would have spotted the gold in LEOM and LEOMM. I've been an ardent follower of Leostats from when I never earned a mention in the weekly updates. I try to understudy the details of the stats as it shows who and who are doing well and one could learn from them.

Khal's Advice was Candid

In the Leofinance telegram chat, @khaleelkazi in response to my query about LEOM and LEOMM advised that any investor who wishes to make some tangible earnings from staking miner tokens must have to stake much tokens. In his words,

An important thing to note about returns with miners is that they work on a lottery system. This tends to make the ROI more attractive for larger stakeholders, unfortunately. In the example above, an investment of about 2000 HIVE was used - so if you were to buy 200 HIVE worth of miners, you’ll likely see a lower % ROI than a user who has 2k worth

Since you are active on the platform, it may be more worthwhile to simply stake LEO and continue manual curation - mining is a passive whale game in my opinion

The advise was candid as I have experimented it. I like growing through the ranks and learning from my experiences. I started off staking a few LEOM coins and keenly observed the outcomes of the LEO mining rewards received.

Already, LEOM is getting scarce, LEOMM were already exhausted. Over $2,000 worth of LEOM trades in 24 hours and in few days, the volume left in the sell flange offered by Leobank would get exhausted.

Authors versus Miners

I seem to be observing a correlation between the number of leofinance contents and LEO mining rewards received. The miner tokens are acting as collateral to enable those investors earn from the inflation of LEO from mining. LEO is mined through upvotes and when there are no posts to earn upvotes, then the mining rewards for those days would be less.

Final thoughts

You might try to understand why I'm penning this post and I'll say it's to emphasize why you have to be deliberate with seeking knowledge when it comes to investment. It becomes very important in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space which is a new technology.

The amount of knowledge you acquire is directly proportional to the tendency of increasing your earning chances in crypto. Don't just wait to follow the FUD tide, seek the depths of the knowledge. Leopedia may be a great place for crypto knowlegde. I'm anticipating an online crypto school that could srping from Leopedia. I alongside other students could be willing to pay with LEO and other coiins to gather sufficient knowledge for investment.

Tomorrow will mark a Turning point

In case you missed the news, wLEO gets listed on Uniswap by tomorrow, 23rd September, 2020. That date is strategic as it coincides with the 33rd anniversary of my State. I'll do something strategic to mark it.

With LEO moving into the ETH blockchain, that would mean a lot for the next few months as millions of wLEO would get locked in LP for wLEO. That would make LEO circulating in Hive-engine and LeoDex quite scarce in supply. You should know what that means.

LEO is the new Gold on Hive Blockchain, get it today!

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I'll be looking out for you'll do to Mark that date. I actually haven't heard about LEOM ever, but then it's exciting and people who are invested are in for a profitable stinct

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Great post @uyobong as LEOM will have a halo effect if the price of Leo/wLEO increase.

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Yeah, and it's a great way for the whale miners to earn costly LEO

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Keep watching my space.

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So what would you say would be a reasonable amount of miners to own? I've only got 16 right now

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500, 1,000 Miners are good to be staked. Get them on Leodex

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I would say 16 is not really going to yield much. The miners are like tickets in a lottery. the more you have the more chance of winning rewards

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Thanks for this great post. I was thinking of buying some LEOM but I'm not really familiar with the reward system of the miners. It seems that by owning a lot of miners you increase your chances to get mining rewards. In other terms, when you only own a handful of them, the chances that your miners strike coins is quite small.

If I understood your post correctly, the best way is to earn/buy leo and stake it.

Yeah with the miner, you could just print LEO.

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So it's a quantity game then? !ENGAGE 50

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What's Leo's circulating market cap right now?

Hey, you can see the real-time market cap on our landing page:


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Ran into leominer on the Leo Dex, but I never quite understood its purpose. I wanted to get a few but it kept slipping my mind.

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I think it's still in its cheap days at 5HIVE per LEOM

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