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That is really cool to see at a store. Around here you can barely find that stuff at the LCS. Are you a nickel saver also? They do cost more to produce than what they are worth.


Very true @vgholdingsllc....I started putting nickel's in jars, I'm not sure why Lol!!
I guess it's just the collector in me my friend!!! Pennies too!!!
Probably because I did this with silver coins back in the day LoL!😇😀

I don't think I am going to retire from my nickel's LOL!!

It looks like Zinc and Nickel are down in price right now. Usually a Nickel is worth about $0.06 in melt. If you want to see melt prices, check out Coinflation . Pretty cool webiste. It has base metals and silver coin melt values.


Very good website, I think I Have been there too. Interesting .... I'll just keep putting my nickels in a jar! Lol🤣
It must be silver coin flash-backs!! LOL!!