Ethereum Withdrawal To Binance on Publish0x

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Hi Hiveians

In this post, I wanted to give information about withdrawal on Publishx0. If you don't know about Publishx0 yet and want to sign up, take a look here

I signed up on Publish0x in August 2020. Since then, I have used up the daily tips everyday and shared some posts. On October 14, 2020 I reached minimum withdrawal for Ethereum; however, I was not sure whether it would work for Binance. Thus, I tried to be sure and wanted those who prefer Binance not to have doubt about it.

Ok, here what I did:

  • On Binance, come to wallet and click on Fiat and Spot


  • Click on deposit near Ethereum, then copy carefully the ERC20 Address below the QR Code.




You will see your balances of each three tokens as well as "Add Adress". Click Add Adress on one of them. Next page, there are three wallet adresses, paste here the adress you have copied on Binance. Be sure that the adress is the same with the one on Binance. Then save it.

  • Back to just click on withdraw. You will get an e-mail like below,

  • I recieved deposit for Binance Ethereum wallet on Nov 2, 2020. Here is the proof:


Thanks for reading my post. I hope it is useful for withdrawal to Binance.


Nice to see. I used to post on Publish0x too but gave up as the payout is not worth my effort. I stick to Hive now, although its value is looking doomed too. Such is life for the alts now, sad reality. And Hive may be destined for the altcoin garbage dump like most other alts right now, so I have little hope fore Hive. I await Hive to prove me wrong but won't hold my breath.

I think I am still new to Publish0x. I will decide in the future whether it is worth. For now, I think it has the similar revenue with Hive, or much more. In my opinion, the negative side of Publish0x is that posts other than cryptocurrency world don't get enough attention.

Very good, keep it up, and it may well prove a valuable investment in time.

Hey, @videoaddiction, interesting post! I also started to use Publish0x. What is your account there? Let me follow you.

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Hephaesvus. Thank you.

Publish0x is a faucet of content, much more will be achieved in HIVE and LeoFinance above all. I've been on Publish0x for over a year now and it's simply a faucet, it's good for diversifying and reaching more people, but it's not comparable to LeoFinance at least. I recommend to be constant here and share quality content and the rewards will start coming.

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For instance, I have recieved much more on Publish0x than on Hive for this post.

Your experience, be constant here and you will see how LeoFinance will far exceed that in Publish0X, I am not just saying that, my rewards speak for themselves. Just hard work, quality content and consistency. Keep on pubing and doing a good job and you will see my friend.

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I created this post on LeoFinance Community in particular, but no support from them.

Don't worry, nothing comes overnight. Consistency and discipline is what will bring you good results. Do not be discouraged and continue. I will appreciate your content, my friend.

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Thank you.