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RE: Would you people quit your job if you could somehow earn the same amount of money each month but from a different source?

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When I come across articles like this, I often wonder if normal people are just mentally ill. Why would a person ever say anything except yes! Maybe they are afraid of making a change. Maybe they like being told what to do. mYabe they actually fear success and greatness - the very thing most people active on HIVE and LEO are after.

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Keep wondering that myself too. I dropped a simple question and they've started making dreams on how their life would be if they had 1 mill or 2.

Makes me sick tbh.

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Funny thing is that they would do just fine and even become millionaires if they slowly invest in their future and keep working to improve their lives. @taskmaster4450 used to talk about $100 STEEM which I thought was very realistic. I'm a highschool dropout living with my parents. I put all my liquid net worth into crypto in 2017 and HODLed through the worst of times. I was with STEEM at ATH and bought in as the prices were falling. I only powered down after the Justin Sun takeover.

It's easy to spend wealth. It's hard to build wealth. The patient people who stick around good projects will have better security for the future.

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Fingers crossed, we are all involved in 2 of them

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