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RE: Who works harder you or your Money?

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You're making a good point here, I sure found that out the hard way.
After the system drained me and I finally quit my last job under a bos ( in the Summer of 2016 ), feeling burnt out and depressed, I decided to never go back to a situation like that anymore.

It took me half a year on The Canary Islands and another couple of months to discover and dive into crypto, to change my life around. Nevertheless, I'm only recently learning about using crypto in more of a passive income kind of way. I do indeed want to do more than just pay my bills with it ( but I don't have a side job and swore I won't get any if I can help it ).

If you're interested in my strategies, I wrote about it 3 weeks ago shifting from blogging for crypto to crypto investing

In the end it's all about doing less to get more. Time is the most valuable asset around ( data a close second one ).

Enjoy ( the remainder of ) your Sunday!

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Hi @vincentnijman thanks for stopping by and a bigger thanks for sharing your experiences. I guess we have to all walk the beaten path and learn from our falls to arrive here in the cryptoland.
Here too we have to undertake our journey of learning before we can get liberated and experience our financial liberation.
Your comment is reassuring and I am sure I too would be find that financial stability in crypto land.
Gonna follow the lead in your post and read your earlier post too.
Thanks once again for sharing your views.

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You're very welcome. I don't mind sharing my journey and feel we're all teachers ( I was one in my last job in the system ) and students here, as well as in life. That is how we level up!

I was actually thinking of writing a little series about how I got into crypto / how it changed my life but - as a creative - I keep changing my ideas so I try not to make promises that I can't keep. Might still do it though...

See you around! :<)

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