🐯Cub Finance is listed on Coingecko ! Dozens of new users joining

in LeoFinancelast month

Hello Lions and HODLers,

This morning I was pleasantly surprised when I saw a lot of news users joining the CubDeFi Telegram Group.

There are now 622 verified users on the TG group. I think we were barely at 500 a week ago !

After a few clicks I understood that we just had been listed on Coingecko. Coingecko has slowly become THE PLACE to look at new coins and to follow your portfolio.


There is so much information on this website / dapp that it is the Top5 Crypto Dapp I am using.

At the moment:

  • $CUB Finance Market Cap is not listed and therefore there is no ranking of our beloved coin. This is probably due to the unlimitted supply. Btw, does anyone knows if we plan to have a CAP (even a theoritical one?)
  • 85 people like this coin which is a great start after only 24 hours (anyone reading this should like it)
  • Once in a while you should search for the CUB token so we move up the research board

I feel very excited for the next steps as this is clearly building on our momentum. Just a few days ago we received the Audit Results which were very good putting us in the Top 30 Audited projects.

TVL immediately reacted as new users entered our pools (meaning more future buybacks for LEO and CUB as you all know !)


Hopefully we will be north of >20mns by next week.

But in the meantime: Let's Celebrate Today !

On another front, I was a COVID19 contact case during the Easter weekend and my PCR results just came back negative. This is a good news as I was quite worried to get it while having a newborn.

I hope you are all having a great weekend !


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That is a help.

Being listed is a good first step.

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Coingecko is clearly the go to platform of so many DeFi hunters that we needed to be on there.

I can now add $CUB to my CoinGecko Portfolio 😍

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I think that we’re still very early if this thing does break out and become a success that LP pool should be around half a billion if we compare to other similar platforms which is insane growth for early adopters

Even for those who aren’t into it and just hodling leo they getting exposure through the leo burns from cub fees which would put so much pressure on supply too

Hello 👋 and thanks for your comment.

Indeed it might be just the beginning if we can bring more liquidity to the platform and as you stated even without holding cub, it does put pressure on the LEO token as it helps buybacks.

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This is pretty good. Now I don't have to run to the CUB site or my trading charts to see the price of CUB.

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Exactly how did you get these charts before ? Done one was asking about it on the telegram

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I used the post linked below to find the various options. I tend to look at the chart on the DexGuru site though.


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Nice nice!!!

Indeed it is ! Are you playin with $CUB ?

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yup i am in there for a long time ;p

I no longer have my position because I am a dumbass, but I am looking to add back on very soon. This is exciting news

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Oh no 🤦‍♂️ ! Sorry to hear that. Well if you feel you missed out you can always come back with safe Stablecoins Farms !

We hope to see you back soon 😉

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I will be back as soon as possible!

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Brilliant news - always struggled to judge a value of CUB

Posted via proofofbrain.io

It is quite hard ! As we just know some revenue streams but the TVL seems very stable and increasing so it is currently valued at c. 25-30% of the TVL

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that is good - i was only jumping with some hundred $ - I might have better I did sell my house and do it like @azircon :-)

Now he has 3 houses 🏡 ! And one castle 🏰

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at least, i rather think 10 castles, 30 houses, 100 girls lol

I do have more than 3 houses..also in many continents ... but unfortunately no castles... do you have one the market?

Unfortunately can only offer debts

Well aren’t Kingdoms 🏰 coming to Cub Finance ! 😂

Another step for Cub.
Today the TVL is spiking.
Usually Sunday is a cool off day.
Can't get enough of CUB.
So long!

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It seems you were right. Almost reaching 20mn !

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