Moving from Writer to Investor in the Nascent world of Blockchain Technology

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When I began this year, I knew I wanted more for myself financially. I just didn't know how to go about it. When I realised that a bull run had began, all that came to my head was my 2017 experience.


I joined the crypto space in December 2017. By January, I was seeing mad money. I got me a phone and a laptop. I thought I was set. I had no investments beyond what I got from my 50/50 reward option on steemit at the time. I didn't even know or care about trading on Binance or Bittrex or any other exchange out there. Infact I convinced myself that I am a writer so I should stick to writing and the money will keep rolling in.

Then the long crypto winter came. Suddenly, the rewards could no longer cater to my needs and I had nothing saved that I could trade upon to maximize my investment. I had no idea about any other coin or token besides SBD and Steem. I had nothing. I tried other writing platforms and each was another attempt at achieving that feeling that I felt when I joined Steemit. It just didn't work.

There were projects hatched with grand ideas only to fail. They were some I didn't even understand but had to try. After a while, I just stopped and focused my energy on writing. I was almost quitting blockchain in its entirety when the Hardfork that created the Hive Chain occured. It was like a hand tapping me up and waking me to possibilities.

But man is a creature of habit. I returned back to my old routine, looking for blockchain spaces that are built for creatives. Of course they are many and more keep cropping up everyday. This time though I realised that it took too much energy to keep up with more than one blockchain based blogging platform. This was my first step away from my long held notions.

Once I had broken away from my tradition of writing only based blockchain interest, I began to look at other options. I soon began trading on Binance. To achieve this, I powered down my over 1000 steem which I regret now because look at the price now. My trading was poor and though I made profit, I also needed to eat. So I soon consumed my steem.

I was on the last rung of that diminishing black hole when I was introduced to decentralized finance through a sharedrop that occured to hodlers of a certain token. I downloaded trust wallet converted the remaining steem to BnB, sent it to my trust wallet as BSC and the rest is history. I have recovered the steem I used five times over since then.

I also, learning to be patient, which I think is one of the most important tenet of doing business in the crypto space, held on to my leo, palnet, neoxian, creativecoin sharedrop at that early instance. It is true that most have not given returns to hodlers to make them get the fabled Lamborghini (or is it a Tesla now?) but they have borne the weight of my investment cycles and spending emergencies from time to time. Keeping that Leo sharedrop, as you can see, was a good decision. I am sure every Leo hodler would concur.

These days, I write because writing is life. I do not focus my mind on getting rewards as I did in my previous life. Now I write what I enjoy and when the rewards come, I am grateful. What I have come to understand is that the blockchain space is still in its nascent stage and it will make more millionaires yet. This is uncontested. Those of us who have found ourselves here have the opportunity to create or be a part of the creation of something unique in this world of ours. We are building the future here and it is very exciting to see.

I have seen people come into the blockchain space with nothing but guts and now they've bought cars, built houses, own wallets that would make you shudder. I have seen people lose everything including their dignity. I have fallen low here and in real life and I have risen high. This is a place for those ready to dance the dance, ready to learn, to lead and or follow, to try new ways of thinking, of doing.

Today marks the second day of a new month and I am thankful for food and shelter, for money to buy the basics and it is still cryptocurrency that does it all. It has been doing it for me since that December 2017. That is three years and more of this and that, of believing, of trying and failing, of pushing regardless.

I have made and lost friends here. I have tried to help and I have failed at it. I have supported and I have been ostracised for it but we move, as we say in Nigeria these days. What I have learnt is that the blockchain space is a wide wide place and there is enough for everyone. You may have your little fiefdom here on Hive or Leofinance or Steem or 1Up, Pancakeswap or Uniswap. Someone else is queen over a project as young as Cubfinance, Safemoon or Safemars and she thinks it is everything.

This Bull run will end. It cannot run forever. It is my hope that when it does, I will have investments settled that will tide me over the rough patch. It is my hope that my investments would be enough to cater to my needs and desires in the long run. This is not too much to ask for, is it? One can only hope.

You may ask why I tell this story. Well there's the possibility that one person out there is enjoying this bull run and is not planning for the winter time. It is my hope that he or she reads this and knows to invest, to save, to plan ahead. What else would you have me do with the knowledge I possess?


I am reading this as I bit on my nails. It is all so familiar and relatable. I didn't get to a laptop but I remember getting myself a phone and thinking I was set for life. Lol. Paper dreams. Steemit gave us that and it also gave us a few other things.

I wasn't thinking of the crypto winter as you call it and when it came, I left for months to find food. But like you, I kept coming back.

Digesting Taraz's detailed posts is what started helping me to get a glimpse of the space I was in... and then recently someone I was close to kept dragging me back to look at crypto as an investment in our constant conversation. That and the need for better fueled the journey here. Now I am out here consuming anything interesting and crypto.

Solid advice to the ones enjoying the bull. Goodluck to us ♡

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Yeah Taraz helped a lot. If not for him, Galen, Eroded and Vit,I doubt if I'd still be posting here. In their own ways, they motivated me onwards. At one point, all I had was Splinterlands then Steemmonsters.

I just hope that this time, I do it different and better. I am not the naive desperate person I was back then, at least not to that extent.

Taraz has kept so many of us going. Eroded is back 🙌 He single-handedly translated the chain to me. Saywhat hepled a lot too but I don't know where the monster man disappeared to!

That's the beauty of the time round. Lessons have been learned and the need is fuel enough for a hungry soul!

Yes need is indeed fuel for a hungry soul