Why would a poet post on Leofinance: The Introspection of a broke blockchain Poet

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Some old friends are surprised to see me on Leofinance, posting about stuff that I know next to nothing about. You are known for poetry and prose not money and finetech. But a poet must eat, a writer must have a roof over their head.

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Yes, I am here for the money as most of us are. There is no need to be ashamed about it. If shilling Leofinance makes the money come quicker than writing a sublime verse then I will be here shilling until I'm hoarse. I am an ignorant buffoon when it comes to tech talk. It takes me like two readings of the post, scrolling through the comments before I can make heads or tails about what they mean when they say ROI, liquidity pool, hybrid cross chain claimdrop or something like that.

I want money. I want it so I can be free to explore and experience my body, my world before I leave. I don't want to store it up in a vault so I can stare at it. I don't want expensive things. I just want to be free from struggling, from being unable to afford the basest of things. That I believe that I will find such emancipation on the blockchain space may seem irrational to you but it is the cheapest way to freedom I know.

You see I do not like holding other people's money. I have never liked being the guy that people come to in order to account for this and that in someone else's business. I like being responsible only to the things of life that is real—mental health, physical health, emotional state, engaging the beauty and ugly of this life. If we lived on a planet where we bartered for food and clothing, it would make no difference to me.

Since I have been on this blockchain, which is over three years now, I have spent little or nothing of money made outside here on buying coins. I have struggled, pinched, invested, begged to survive each day and each time, I write a poem to post here or a story to share here (by here I mean the hive chain in general), I do so to ensure that there is food tomorrow and also to keep the door open so that in spite of all that I must face each day, the path to freedom remains in my sight.

There are wealthy folks here. Men and women who have pinched and scraped to get all they have now. There are those who have lived, scammed and cheated to get to where they are now. There are those who simply bought their stake, curious as a child with a new toy. Do we all seek the same things? No.

I understood, the moment I joined the blockchain space in December 2017, that this was a revolution. I understood that to be a part of it from the early days meant something. In my head, I saw a future when people will refer back to these times in awe and when they mention names of men and women who created amazing projects out of code, I'll say Oh this guy? I know him. We were on the same discord channel. Oh you mean the lady? Oh she hosted one of the greatest shows back then. No one will remember, not even me, that I came here out of desperation. That I lived in this fairytale time trying hard to lift myself from the mud.

Tomorrow the airdrop will occur for Leofinance. Weak hands will sell and those who believe or who simply have the money and patience to spare will buy and hodl. Because crypto has taught me to play the long game, I will hodl. Because I seek to free myself permanently from dependence on the mercy of another human, I'll hodl.

It is quite interesting what will happen after the airdrop though. Human beings being who they are will definitely bring their own coloured opinions into the sterile perspective of code. They will want. They will desire. They will hunger and thirst for success and wealth just because they expect crypto to be that easy. They will loose some, they will gain some. It will be the same as yesterday and the day before.

Will Leofinance and hive make me financially free? I don't know. Will this entry into the decentralized finance space mean leaving hunger and thirst behind? I don't know. I will only try as I have always done to make do with the little I have. I will not steal or deceive. I will pinch my supply until it either runs out or multiplies.

Cub Finance is the first of many things. It is a kick against the door of isolation between projects on the blockchain space in a more volatile and uncontrolled manner. This is not a signing of MOU kind of thing. This is put your money where your mouth is kind of thing. This is get in or get left behind kind of thing.

We are entering a new age in the utility of code and data. We are pioneers of a new way of doing, a new way of interaction, of doing business, of creating, of being. It is more than money, I understand this but my body doesn't care about ideas or innovations. It knows only hunger and satiation. I must therefore balance these two different perspectives on my interaction with blockchain technologies.

To remain relevant in this new world that we are making, I must learn how to use the new tools, no matter how roughly made they are. I must learn how to manipulate these new financial systems. I must understand the motivations of these new gods we are creating.

For those who bought early into the Bitcoin dream, they have become mighty in their own right. For us who have come in the times of altcoins when it seem as if all the true wealth of the blockchain space has been found, I have it in good authority that if it is wealth you desire, it can be found in the code. You just have to look and be willing to change your perspective.

Freedom will come for me and for those of you who are afraid of tomorrow. Will Leofinance bring that freedom or do we still have to wait? I do not know but I'll try. I will try hard and if I succeed, I'll tell you another story and this time, there will be laughter and song, beautiful birds and life, lots of life.


This is a beautifully written piece, and it has a poetry that many finance posts lack! I love your poetry - and it's really cool to get an insight into your life. May you be free of the burden of suffering over finances. I am sure abundance will come your way. Much respect.

Thank you for the love over the years and for finding my attempts at talking finance worth the read. I say Amin to your prayers. Bless up 🤗

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You're welcome. well deserved. Pleased you got the OCD for this one too xxx

I am thrilled actually. It's been a while since I got this kind of reward for writing. I still got it!

Please add the "neoxian" tag to ur posts. I would love to curate you on the tribe side from next week. Lol.

That would be nice. Thank you. It's been a minute eh?

My WhatsApp +2348061657932 for easy link up bro 😉

Noted. You will hear from me

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Alright, 👌

I cannot find better words to represent those who speak emotions over crypto. The threat of staying cooked up in our prose and sentimental works has revealed its ugliness. I have watched from June 2017 as people grew and invested before I could digest the crypto side of things. Where the grass has always been greener compared to us the poets.

I of all people get this. The rereading posts and comments just to be able to capture this alienish language. But what can one do? Poetry can no longer feed you here. And yes, some of us are just looking to make ends meet. Torum is helping with the language. So is Publish0x and anything else I can get my hands on. How sad it is that I missed the airdrop. I still plan on investing when I solve my shit out.

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