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RE: Discount EDS For Sale, My HYPNO Tanked, and CTP Underpromised

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Hi @metzli, thanks for the shoutout!

Crypto is basically still "The Wild Wild West," isn't it? I ended up with the HypnoChain community only because one of my "investment tokens" (INDEX, perhaps?) threw me a tiny bit as a dividend. Right now, it's a bit lopsided because the entire token reward pool is being split between a dozen people, or so... like when people on Steem were earning $5,000 a post. Sorry you lost a bunch of your equity... Not sure how much I'll be writing on this topic; time will tell.

Bright Blessings!

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I went over because of the investment token dripping income into my pocket too.

I am not really complaining about losing my equity so much as updating anyone who saw my "excitement" post and was thinking about investing there too.

I bought another 1000 with a percentage of what I spent the first time which made my dollar cost averaging better.

I guess its time to write my own posts, and then keep reading and curating until hopefully something great happens. Every community needs more readers/curators than writers and I look forward to being one of them.