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RE: LeoFinance HiveFest Keynote - What We've Accomplished in 2020 and Our 2021 Roadmap

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Considering everything I've read and heard about the roadmap, 2021 will really be a very promising year.

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2020 was a big year for us. Launching our own UI which took over 4 months to build V1, adding on to it with 2 more versions after that and then all of the other amazing things: WLEO, DeFi, Geyser model, etc. etc.

It's a long list.

This time next year, we'll compare the list of what we did in 2020 to what we did in 2021 and it's going to be no competition. 2021 will be our year to really shine and break through beyond Hive and even Ethereum as we connect LeoInfra to other blockchain apps and ecosystems while listing WLEO on more dApp protocols and exchanges 🚀

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