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RE: Demystifying HIVE: It's all about the Money, the Money...

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Thank you for the post! I've only been active on Hive for a few weeks, so found it very informative! Will definitely follow for more advice!


You're welcome, I'm glad it helped you. There appears to be in in-flux of South Africans joining recently, do you know each other?

Lol the South African are always a bit slower than finding things than other parts of the world, we're on African time lol (in-joke there).

I think that people are slowly waking up to how the centralised platforms are just selling our data etc., So I wouldn't be surprised if you see more and more from here in SA.

Thanks for these posts, they helped me to understand it all a bit better. For now I'm just enjoying posting and connecting with people and hopefully sharing some interesting experiences along the way.

You seem to be doing good, a lot better than I when I started here over 3 years ago! A word of advice would be consistent, cite ALL your images.. the post I just voted had some done correctly and some others that just said Pixabay.

Thanks so much SlobberChops, I appreciate the advice and will do so. I prefer to use my own images on posts, so I admit I could have put in more effort there.

Still learning and many people have been very supportive and helpful since I joined which stands out to me.

Have a lekker day (South African lingo for nice).

All fixed up now, thanks for prompting me to sort it out :)
Have a great day.

Hi Slobberchops.

I hope you are having a good weekend. I have a question that I posted as a reply to a post about using Hive, but I haven't had any replies, was wondering if perhaps you could help?

While trying to understand what all the functions in the wallet were, I transferred the Hive that I had accumulated from my posts into my savings but I actually want to use a few of them to purchase an NFT. I have an NFTShowroom account all linked up, but I am not sure if I can use the Hive from my savings or if it has to be "liquid" Hive in my wallet?

I don't want to withdraw the Hive, so if that is the only way I'll go buy some instead, was just wondering if it's possible to move the Hive again once it's in savings or if it's kinda stuck there?

Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks a stack.


I needs to be liquid HIVE, I never use savings as it ties my HIVE up. You can release it from savings, but there's a 3 days wait.

Thank you, I understand it much better now :)