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RE: Decentralized Finance Is The Future

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Who wants to spend $7 for a couple videos when, for a few bucks more to an outfit like Netflix, one can watch thousands of hours of content?

Who wants to spend any amount of money, when you can download almost everything/anything with torrent for free?


I had an indian supervisor once, he was using pirate streaming, because if people really want what their content is consumed, there would something which provide all content from any provider/artist.
Good thinking but how apply the Pareto principle in that szenario.

That is true. The internet certainly pushes the cost of stuff way down. However, many either arent aware of that or do not want to take the chance of being caught.

Of course, the Internet is making IP and copyright laws very difficult. We could see them basically obliterated during the rest of this decade.

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I dont download, its just too much effort when Netflix is this cheap x)