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RE: Wrapped LEO: Important Updates

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All set. That's great!
Wishing best of luck to LEO!

For locking liquidity, I had suggested Unicrypt. But I'm curious to see if you found a better way to it.


Unicrypt is actually one of the top options for locking liquidity that we're considering now. The information out there is pretty sparse though. I've resigned to examining the contract and finding what reviews are actually out there.

Do you have any detailed info/links I could review about Unicrypt? Perhaps you've found stuff that I missed. Feel free to drop them in a reply here if you've got a spare minute.

Thanks :)

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Also very curious if you looked at Trustswap as they talk about escrow and having an easy product.

Would that have been an option?

Great commitment which will prevent a LOT of dumping.

Long term is the horizon, I love it !

Sorry, I don't know to read smart contracts. But you can check the repository or get in touch with them on Telegram. An audit report from Solidity is here. However, I dunno which contract they audited!

For token locking process, I had already pointd to this link.