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You know that feeling of investing somewhere and along the line, you write down your budgets and how to meet your expenses when your investments finally pay off?
Well, this thought just came into my mind.
The thought of how I will spend my hive earnings and the first thing I would use it to do.
I have a lot of things I wanna do with money and so many needs I wish to meet and I will mention a few or some of those needs.
Though the ones I will mention today have been on my list of plans but the idea was never to use my hive earning for it but along the line, I think it would be a great idea to spend my hive in a way that has value and something to show forth that this is really what I was able to do with my first hive earnings.

How I will Spend My Hive Earnings

Purchase A Piano



The first and most pressing thing I wanna get first with my earnings is a piano. I am not yet a pianist but I know I will become one someday.
I have a passion for playing musical instruments and the piano is the major instrument I have had a longing for since when I was very young.
Considering the fact that a lot of things were placed before another, I couldn't undergo a full class tutorial on piano, just a few basic things I learned from friends and people who were willing to push that passion.

Now I wish to further the basic knowledge I gained and I know owning a piano would go a long way to aid my tutorials and make them a little bit simple and easy for me.
So this is one of the first things I wish to do with my hive earnings when I finally decide to spend them.

Setting Up A Business



I know when you read that, you may be thinking I mean a business of my own, but no, that isn't what I mean. Another thing I wish to do with my hive earnings is to set up a business for my mom.
She is one of the sources of everything I am today and will be in the future.

She had a business she was running until when everything became a little more difficult and she couldn't continue again so she had to close down for a while.
Though we all thought she needed the rest since the business she was doing before didn't even give her the time she needed for herself or rest, so we saw it as an opportunity for her to rest a bit but after a year of closing down, we discovered how disturbed she was and we have to put up something for her to do sooner or much later.

With my hive earnings, I believe it can be possible to start something small for her, and starting small should never be underestimated cause even the scripture says we shouldn't despise our little beginnings.

Purchasing An Oven



It's funny that I have never shared my cake recipes with you guys right? Well, now you know one of my many talents and skills. I am a baker but not by profession. I do bake cakes and small chops but since I don't have an oven to help me do that, I decided to put it on a hold and just do household cakes for consumption.

I wanted to start a small business of baking cakes and supplying them to the supermarkets and small shops but without an oven, that quest cannot be accomplished.
So with an oven, everything would be made easy for me and I still wish and hope hive can do this for me especially with the way the price of the token is moving.

I know the few things I mentioned might take a while to be accomplished but I am not relenting effort, I am optimistic and I believe everything is possible.
I have other things on my list to do but these are the major ones that need quick and adequate attention.

I believe and I know that someday all my needs will be met using hive earnings or part of hive earnings.
I am just hodling my tokens for now because I am a believer, I believe in our beloved token and other hive engine tokens which I hodl and wish to hodl more.

So today I have been able to share my hive earnings budgets with you guys.
What about you reading my article. What are those things you have done with your hive earnings?
What was the first thing you did with your hive earnings or what are those things you wish and intend to do?
Do share it with me and other hivers here.
Thank you for checking out my blog today.


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Hope you get all that you mentioned above with hive. It's pretty much possible. Good luck.

I hope your needs are met. I just joined and I am hoping to also make a budget of mine one day. I know it isn't something you get easily here but with constant effort and not relenting, our goals will be met.

Hello friend..
Its very good that you have made the goals and for sure you will crush them...
It seems like your passion comes before you profession
Thanks for sharing...

Yes, I am sure I can achieve those.
Thank you for your comment and for stopping by!