ASKED: Why Comments On Leo Finance?

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You know the saying " No man is an Island"?
Well, this is what it is when you are among a community of people from different cultural backgrounds and tribes.
Inasmuch as we join a community or platform to increase our financial earnings and backup our pockets, we also learn from others by sharing our minds, ideas, and thoughts.

When I became a certified member of leofinance, I thought of how to reach out to people here and share my thoughts, and thanks to leofinance for providing an avenue for that and its through comments.
You know it could have been very easy for us to come here and dump our posts and go away with the upvotes but then what difference does it make? If no one is reading your articles and contents, if no one is sincerely sharing their thoughts with you about something you wrote and sometimes make certain corrections then to what benefit is it to you?
That you only come here to dump posts, earn and go your way?

You know there is this great joy and satisfaction that someone is truly paying attention to your gibberish in your contents and articles and that they are giving you feedback.
That is only possible and done in the comment section.
Now, do you want to know why you should comment? And not only on leofinance but where ever you might find yourself in a community with so many people sharing their thoughts and ideas through their articles?
Here is why;


The best and only way to connect easily and faster with community members is through the comment section. Not only do you connect with those people but you get to share your minds, ideas, and knowledge.
By so doing, you dish out what you have and in return, you get what the person also has to offer.
There are certain things you may not find out about a person or their articles except you engage them in the comment section.


Inasmuch as our contents or articles are well written and are termed as quality, not many will engage your posts except for some whales that go around appreciating good content.
But when once you engage other people's articles and leave a useful and reasonable comment then your chances of increasing your audience and drawing more attention to your articles and blog too are great.
Your posts alone won't give you the audience you so desire for your blog except you engage others too.


As lame as this may sound to you, trust me I never knew there were rewards for comments. I never checked my comments rewards cause most times I reply to my comments on hive interface as such I didn't know I was upvoted on some of my comments.
When someone told me about rewards on comments, I had to rush and check my comments on the leofinance interface, though I was disappointed at first because when I started scrolling down, all I saw was 0.00 Leo. But I kept scrolling, then I saw figures like 0.98 Leo, 1 Leo, 7 Leo, and more but the most intriguing upvote I saw was 29 Leo.

I was astonished. I mean my normal articles don't even make that much yet my comment could fetch me that in a single post. I was encouraged but not only because of the rewards but for the fact that these people see it deem fit to reply to my comment in a warm and welcoming way giving me more reason to engage and interact with them more.


I can testify solely to this. I have never been followed here because of the articles I make, and of course, it is very rare especially if you are new to a place.
But all the people that I got a follow from are people I left a comment on their posts.
Every time I see a reply to a comment I make on someone's post, it always comes with a FOLLOW notification. I am always very glad whenever someone follows me up because of my comments, it shows my comment had value and I am always so grateful for that.

The few things I have mentioned are from my personal experience here for the past two weeks I have been on leofinace. I wish my nature of work could permit me to engage more but I do my best with the little time I have at hand because I have come to realize the usefulness of comments. Not only here but an all-around platform.

So if you have been asking yourself questions as to why you don't have the above listed or even more then maybe it's high time you comment more.
Create an AUDIENCE for yourself through your quality engagement. CONNECT with others and also get some eyes on you to FOLLOW you up and trust me, the REWARDS will come.

These are four benefits of comments I discovered for myself. I am sure you have yours and even more.

Keep Blogging!
And don't forget to comment.
Genuinely Engage!

~ Crypto Baby


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You write all the right things, you should definitely comment. We need a lively social network, then more people will come here, they will like it and stay with us...

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Yes. A community and platform become lively when the users are engaging well. And that is what I have seen on leofinance

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More info why you see this here.

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I have noticed the downside of upvoting comments, it puts you at the bottom of the page. I know it doesn't matter but it's nice to be recognized sometimes.

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What do you mean by that? I don't quite understand. Puts you at the bottom how?

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Oh sorry, the comments that get upvoted end up at the top of your thread, comments with zero upvotes end up at the bottom. If a post has plenty of comments that get upvoted by a whale, the whale is on the bottom most likely not to be seen by others. No big deal, just an observation on my part.

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...If a post has plenty of comments that get upvoted by a whale, the whale is on the bottom

This happens ONLY because the whale got no votes in return. Not other reasons.
Default sorting is by rewards collected. But you can always choose your preferred sorting rule while viewing:

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My opinion would be to make the the sorting by timestap as default. Old to new or new to old.
Another one that people can do is help other newer members in reminding them or informing them about said future from time to time, have it promoted. Honestly another How to hive, how to leo how whatever on this platform is found to be a very useful tactic into bringing new users. I haven't seen much of that since the beginning of steemit when I first joined. I shouldn't have been careless and trashed the account thinking that this platform was just another bogus dead end.

still is, on the capitalistic side of it, but as a free speech platform? business is booming baby.

That makes sense, I like the options feature, it will work well when a post has a ton of comments.

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Yes, dear. Now I understand. More engagement on a post makes it appears on the trennding page, the top. And ones with little stays at the bottom just like you have said so you aren't wrong about that and it's not just your observations alone, that's the fact.

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Appreciated TORUK! :)

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Engaging generally helps to build one's account and makes an audience. Moreover, has proved to be the most active community when it comes to engagement, no doubt about this and that's because the whales are encouraging authors to.

Having a good number of comments on your article gives you a great sense of satisfaction that your time in writing was not wasted and your piece were being consumed by others.

I don't publish much here but I sure give a particular time of my day to come up here, read people's article and engage with it but I sure do believe that when I make an article, I would probably have engagement on it.

This is a nice written content, Crypto baby!

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Yes, strings. Having comments on your post even one shows your content has been digested by at least one person and it gives so much satisfaction.

I know you do, I have been seeing you around.
Thank you Starstrings!
I appreciate your comment

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My dear Zelly, so beautiful and even a better content creators, you're killing it with Leofinance and I must say, you're one that catches the eye. You've totally hit the nail on the head with this one but one thing I've learnt is that Sharing your thoughts allows you to learn too. Beautiful one too. Drop me your discord channel or digits

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Lol, thanks Josy, I am blushing your favorite color🤭😂
Exactly, we learn by sharing our thoughts and ideas too.
I am also learning from the masters here lol.
Don't be surprised if I start writing like you🤭
I am sure I will find you myself lol
Thanks again!

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Command accepted!

Sorry, out of token, please retry later...

Engagement is one of the most important things to be done in a collective environment like this platform.

Neglecting or ignoring this is a big mistake.

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The very important thing to do well and excel in any platform.
Thank you for your comment!

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Truth be told..the importance of commenting on a post can not be over underestimated but it's only right to do so after reading and understanding the post well.

Engaging is best on a Leo finance platform as this prevents the platform from being use and dump site like other tribes

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Oh yes!
You can say that any.
And of course one should comment only after reading the article. And even if at the end of the reading they don't understand something about the whole article then they can also ask questions in the comment box

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I second your view. You are Nigerian right

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Oh yes!
So far I have the blood running through my veins hehehehe

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Lol... Nice meeting another Nigerian... I am Abiodun by the way

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Pleasure is all mine. Trust me you don't wanna bite your tongue with my name hehe

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It is a social network after all, and engagement through upvotes though nice is very limited and isn't good enough to measure interaction. Commenting is the way to success. But doing it in a structured and sound way. Very nice words!

Yes. Doing it because of the interaction and not focusing more on the rewards.
Engagement on any given platform is the best way to steal an audience for oneself, forgive me for using the word STEAL lol

Ha, ha, ha. Don't worry. I know you mean "to steal the audience's attention". That's exactly what you do while you start commenting, but doing it in a good way and catching the eyes of the readers.

Yes dear. Doing it the right way and gaining genuine audiences. Thanks so much for stopping by

Thanks for your time! 😄

Quite a cheerful person you are, I guess😂

From time to time, yes. 😅

You got my main point. Interaction and the audience you get are paramount though the reward is good as well.

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Hi Zelly, I just want to give you a welcome. I learn from and appreciate from all members. As we are based literally in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, we deal with people and companies from all over the World, and perhaps gain more by listening from others around the planet.

Please keep posting !

Aloha from Hawaii, Richard

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Thank you for the warm welcome although I don't know why you are welcoming me cause this wasn't an introduction post and it seems I should be the one welcoming you.
But glad that where you stay they welcome people this way.
All the same, I am grateful. Greetings from Nigeria.

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Crypto baby.

Wish we could hide the secrets to being a successful and well rewarded content creator on here but no, Leofinance was meant to teach and educate all.

As little a comment of few lines is worth more than a post of 1000 words and that's just the truth.

You've already stated the exact benefits, I hope they see and learn from this :)

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You are right.
And I am sure you knew all these secrets.
No, we can't hide these secrets from others as well.
We are all here to learn and earn and at the same time, be our brother's keeper

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I totally agree with you, I was also very surprised that my agreed comments have more rewards than all my publications. And I also think that with the comments you increase your knowledge about the subject. For example if you read publications and comment on them little by little you learn more about the Leo finance ecosystem.

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You are right. We increased our knowledge by reading and engaging people's articles and asking questions if needs arise. This way we learn while we earn as well.
Thanks for stopping by!

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Leo whales are generous with the upvotes to the comments, this is a natural way to promote the engagement in Leo Finance although that vote of 29 Leo is unusually big.

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Yes. The whales are quite supportive and this encourages the users as well.
I know right, quite big and it was ipvoted by a whale I guess

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As a blogger, your audience is almost everything, and one of the ways of building an audience is interacting with people within the community and also sharing your posts outside the community, when you engage with people, there are more chances of gaining visibility and learning and especially networking. You are catching up fine. Keep up the energy

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Exactly! Very well said.
When you said sharing your post outside the community, do you mean cross-posting?
Out audience is what makes our blog lively the most in any platform you may find yourself

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I mean like also sharing links outside, like twitter, WhatsApp, Facebook and the likes if youre on them

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Sure. Twitter is quite a good place but I can't say for Facebook. That jungle needs some serious ancestral deliverance😂
Majority there don't think or reason Crypto😂

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@tipu curate

Well you're on point about engaging with other users have it's own merits compared to creating good posts. One can make the best posts out there but if no one is interested in reading them, it can always go unappreciated. The trick I learned is that you have to be interested in people first before they get interested in you.

And you got the right points, leaving meaningful comments is much better use of your time. I can relate to those times when you wouldn't know someone have voted on your comments with high value upvotes. The notification system isn't consistent and I had to look back on my own comments once in a while to be surprised I got noticed.

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