BITCOIN: What Took It So Long?

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After so long, after so much anticipation, bitcoin finally left its benchmark lol.
The news is already everywhere.
I just got up from my afternoon nap and preparing to take a cold bath when suddenly I heard a scream from my brother. He zoomed into my room like a flash and for a moment I was startled, what could happen?
Did he win some jackpot? Or did he won a lottery? Only for my brother to say "Bitcoin has finally hit $20k.
Like what the heck? He showed me his wallet to be sure he wasn't talking gibberish.

For a while, he has been monitoring the growth and price of bitcoin and I am sure a lot of us here have been doing the same, hoping for it to hit that round figure.
All our anticipation and hopes came through today. Bitcoin climbed unto that awaited price.
Do we see any possibility of it falling back or going higher? well, no one knows that but we can only hope for the best and the best is for it to keep pushing higher lol.

This isn't a new thing and we are all glad it finally came through. Now, what next? 21k? how about if it shoots to 25K. Oh my! now that will be too massive for us to bear hahaha
Now Bitcoin to the moon, it is surely touching the moon.
Join the excitement, make merriment whether you are an investor, hodler, or not. A profit for one is a profit for all. Let us just rejoice for the shoot in the price of bitcoin.

~ Crypto Baby


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True point a triumph for one is a triumph for all. To many times in cryptocurrency people see someone;s elses success as their failure. That is the attitude of a zero sum game, of which this is not. Unfortunatelly this belief slowly dies, but I will have none of it. I don't waste my energy attacking other projects, but instead learning more about them to make my investments grow. Focus on the important things not the petty things.

Exactly. Why attack when you can simply appreciate and work towards growing your own investment and projects?
A win for all is a win for all. Thanks for your comment

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