Cryptocurrency Shits? Not Everyone Accepts It

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It baffles me when I hear or see some people talk about cryptocurrency as a waste of time or shit.
I had a conversation with a friend yesterday online and suddenly I brought up the crypto talk again with her though I have done it many times and she keeps telling me she would try it out seeing all the evidence and testimonies I have given about cryptocurrency.
But her reply yesterday came in different dimensions and I was shocked to my marrow, not really because of the answer I got from her but for the fact that this is the same person that told me the only reason she isn't into blogging or any crypto-related thing is that she doesn't have a device or gadget to do that.

For a moment I used to understand and see reasons with her because she really didn't have any device to use at that time. But somehow she was able to save up some money from the little work she does to get herself a phone and a good one at that.
So I thought of bringing up the crypto discussion with her again yesterday.
The reply I got from her was "I am just lazy about these crypto shits"
And the next that followed was "It is not for me, so I am not interested"
I tried to understand why she made such a statement but then I didn't wanna drag any further with her so I just told her it's alright if she wasn't interested but she kept pushing and stressing it so I had to ask her why she was doing that when I already told her it's alright.
She said "it's to show you how disinterested I am"
Oh, my gee! I get it already so there is no need to stress to prove your point.
I get it that you aren't in for crypto talks but you didn't have to act that way to show that.
We just ended the crypto-related conversation because I didn't want her to go any further.


The truth is, many are still very ignorant about this whole cryptocurrency and even with the news, articles, and publications about it. I don't even know if I should call it ignorance or pure dislike for crypto.
It's okay if others don't see things at your own spec or if they aren't clamoring for what you clamor for.
It can become very absurd if you try too hard to prove something to someone that doesn't even care or believe in what you believe in.
So why not just allow them to wallow in their ignorance and leave them to their fate.
You can't force a cow to drink from the river even after forcefully taking it to the river.

In the same way, you can't force people to accept and embrace cryptocurrency even after introducing it to them.
Just focus on yourself and those that also have the same belief as you.

Keep Blogging!

~ Crypto Baby

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Command accepted!

Very wise. I personally believe the blockchain is going to develop and envelope the world like the internet.

More importantly, those that understand and learn to profit will be rewarded, while those who resist will be fleeced like people on Facebook proving data to make someone else rich by providing their attention and data for free.

It’s all good. She may come around later.
Until then keep posting and learning.

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I believe in this as well.
I just hope she snaps out of it and comes around before it's too late.
Thank you! I will make sure to do that.
Its been a while though, I hope all is well.
Stay safe

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