CRYPTOPHOBIC? You Might Wanna Read This

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Cryptophobia simply means the fear of cryptocurrency.

You and I can agree that there are still many out there who are cryptophobic and if you are here or you know someone who is, then you might wanna tell them my story.

Why Are Most People Cryptophobic?
If you are here and you still feel there is something wrong with being afraid of Crypto, then I want to help reset your mind a little. No matter how much we know about blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, we started somewhere. I mean we all started from scratch. We weren't born into the world of crypto though we can't say the same about our future generation.

It is okay not to know anything about Crypto. It is still okay to know little. We learn every day. You don't expect to wake up one day and know everything about cryptocurrency.
I have friends who I communicate with on a daily basis and some will be like "I don't even understand anything about this Crypto of a thing" and I have people who I talk to about Crypto earning and they will look at me and be like, what gibberish is she making now?
It is very okay to think and feel that way. This was exactly how I felt two years ago.
Now can I tell you my story? I am sorry but I always bring myself to the table each time I want to speak to someone out there.


My Story: Was I Cryptophobic?
You can say I was, but for a different reason.
Do you know that feeling of sitting for a lecture of about an hour or two and at the end of it all, you realize you got nothing, I mean a single thing? This was how it was or should I say what crypto was to me. Don’t blame me and I won’t blame you either if you are scared of the so-called CRYPTO with giant spelling lol.

Yes, I was young and naive. I just finished my secondary education and I had nothing to do. I was introduced to a crypto platform called Steemit. What was I supposed to go and do in a place that will be filled with Crypto grammars I knew nothing about? How do I relate when I didn't even understand the language of the Crypto world or blockchain?
All I was told was, so far you can WRITE you will be fine. Little did the person know I wasn't going to be fine but I followed instructions anyway.

The journey started back in 2018, not long enough right? I know. I have only been in the crypto world for two years now. But I have become a changed and better person in the last two years. I remember how I started, my challenges and struggles, and today I am a little bit advanced than when I started.

I was worried, what would I say to the people. What was I going to write when I knew nothing about crypto? I thought about it for days even after making my introduction post, it took a while before I started writing and blogging on the platform. But guess what? Do you wanna know how I started?
I was told that I really didn't have to face crypto or finance contents, that they had different communities of my interest like art-related articles, poetry, fiction writing, sport, Christian-articles, creative content community etc.

I was told to pick those of my interest and then start writing.
Start with what you love most, what you know you can write on, and then see what happens next. Again I heed to instructions and I started the journey. Was I after the tokens at the first start? The answer is a big NO. I wasn't even bothered or concerned about the tokens. I just continued writing and having fun. I didn't even take it as a serious blogging platform but I wasn't spamming either lol.

This continued for months until I started reading other people's articles and I was challenged to do better. I was not going to remain a toddler in writing forever. I agree these people were way older and more than I was but that didn't stop me from wanting to do better.
Most times I used to feel they had more eyes on their articles because they are seniors on the platform, though to a great percent it is true.
So I strive every day to beat my reputation and level up fast and also become a senior girl hahaha, lame right?

To cut my story short, I stand to tell you how Cryptophobic I was. That word with a C.R.Y.P.T.O was something I never thought I would know nor understand anything about even in years to come.
I can't say I know much about it but the good thing is that I am not cryptophobic again. I am open to learning more about Crypto and everything it has to offer this generation and the next.

So if ever you sit in a gathering of people talking about cryptocurrency and you feel you are the only naive person among them, do not feel bad or any less of yourself. If you want to know more, ask questions.
The only way to be free from the fear of crypto is to face Cryptocurrency as a whole. Get involved and know more about it. Sooner or later, you will realize that there is more to cryptocurrency than the huge name it carries.

~ Crypto Baby

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Well you won't remain a toddler forever. Understanding Crypto and the technicalities behind it takes a lot of years and even me I'm still a learner to aspects of crypto trading and blockchain anatomy as well. Sometimes it takes a lifetime to actually learn it.

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It takes years indeed and just like you, I am also learning bit by bit. Thanks for the visit

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This is good, I will share with my cryptophobic friends

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Thank you shortsegments. I am sure you will

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Good for you for having the courage to keep engaging in something with unknown/uncertain results.
It is act of courage that few will stick with.
This can encourage others
Crytpophobic to crypto baby is a great tale

Lol. Now I just like the last sentence you made. Cryptophobic to Cryptobaby indeed
I hope others who are cryptophobic also out there will let down their fear and embrace this world with us