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There is a wide difference between doing what you love and believing in what you do.

Some people have lost it simply because we preach passion and hard work, forgetting faith and belief.

Motivational speakers have made us only look in one direction. I am not saying having a passion for something is bad, neither am I disputing the fact that hard work pays.

But then, have we ever thought of doing something and believing in that thing?

Do you really need to have a passion for something before you start it and believe in it?

Ok, let's take blockchain and cryptocurrency platform as an example. You can agree with me that the majority of the masses didn't just have a passion for it, while some just loved writing and they saw a platform that can reward them for their articles so they opted in. That's faith and belief.

You can also agree with me that a lot knew nothing about cryptocurrency, yet they engaged anyway.

Out of 100 persons registered on cryptocurrency platforms, 80% of them knew nothing about it but they just started. Some didn't have passion for it but they had faith in it and what it can offer them.

I have read stories of many who started this journey way back and how they started, their flaws, their weaknesses, their challenges, and their shortcomings.

Can we honestly say we need passion here before we join the train? If you keep waiting until you have the passion then sorry to break it to you that you might wait till eternity.

I will use myself as an example, I will sincerely tell you this without any benefit of doubts that I knew nothing about cryptocurrency and I still might not know anything.

I write but it had nothing to do with cryptocurrency-related articles, you can say I had no passion for a thing of such. But did that stop me from coming here?

The last thing that could stop me from seeing a promising project and future yet walking away is PASSION. To hell with it.

If you have faith in something and believe in it, trust me you will even walk out your passion for it without even realizing it.

A lot started this journey with little or no passion at all. Many do not like a situation where you have to stress yourself for something, but I believe every stress and hard work has a great reward and it's worth it.

What is stopping you from embracing cryptocurrency? Please do not make the mistake of saying it's because you don't have passion for it.

Gone are those days you wait on passion before you start up a thing.

If you have a passion for something, then it makes it even better but that doesn't in any way means you should discard certain knowledge and idea about a thing because of NO-PASSION.

You are of all men most miserable. Knowledge is acquired and it's not based on passion but a necessity.

There are things you need to sort for yourself and not wait for a coated passion to do that for you.

If you embrace blockchain and cryptocurrency today, better for you.

If you have faith and believe in a promising future of crypto, then even better.

But if you keep waiting on passion, I don't wanna sound rude but continue waiting.

Knowledge they say is power . You might not even get the desired rewards but the knowledge you acquire might be far better than the rewards cause you don't know where you will need it in the future.


I encourage you to take this chance, do not contemplate any longer.

You love writing? Why not start writing on Crypto-based platforms?

You love reading? Trust me you will need the knowledge of cryptocurrency someday as well.

You wanna make investments? The best place to do that is with Crypto.

I am not promising you anything, I am only telling you to put your faith and belief to work.

Embrace this opportunity and believe in it as well.

Signing out!


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Hi @zellypearl
I greatly enjoyed this post and you were certainly passionate about it!
I must say I came to cryptocurrency for fortune and fame, but found neither. But I am still here because first I had a strong intellectual curiosity, then I stayed because I became proficient at using various mechanisms to build my stake, but it was the peeling back the layers of the onion and learning more about crypto that finally kindled a passion within me that this is almost all I read and write about now. It is such a broad field and it has do much potential to do good things I stick with it.
I have paid to promote this post and help it gets your writing some well deserved recognition. Keep practicing your art and read. The onion here is delicious on the tongue and in the mind!


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Wow, I couldn't be more grateful.
Thank you so much for your encouragement.
I am so glad that my article is worthy of read and appreciation.
I came here knowing nothing about what I should do but with time I learn from people and I increase my knowledge every day.
Now I enjoy being here, writing and learning as well.
Thank you so much again!


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