Empowering Women

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Are you among those ignorant fellows who still think a woman is limited because of her gender and stature?
Are you among those who still think a woman's place is in the kitchen?
If yes, then I will advise you to do away with the ace mindset and start thinking right.
Gone are those days when women had their place limited to the kitchen.
Gone are those days a woman was made a housewife while the men the breadwinner.

Empowering Women
Some of the women right now didn't have a foundation laid down for them. Some are still struggling today because of the ace ideology about women and their roles.
But we can really change the way all this turns out for our children and our unborn generation.

Lay A Foundation: This is very necessary and important. The foundation we lay for our children especially our female ones matters a lot.
When you empower your girl child, you empower the nation.
And talking about empowerment. Not only socially but economically and financially.
When a woman is financially stable, she is respected by society.
Wouldn't it be nice if both husband and wife are financially stable and economically engaged in something?
It is not a bad thing if a man (husband) has $200 worth of Bitcoin in his wallet and the woman (wife) owns $100 worth of bitcoin as well.
I mean wouldn't that be nice?

Educate Them: After laying a foundation, the next on the list is education. Both formal and informal, teach them, they ought to know about the revolution of the economic system and what they are bound to face.

Investment: investing in a woman is investing in a nation.
It takes a financially stable and confident woman to stand up to challenges, whatsoever it is thrown at her. Investing in a woman and empowering them gives an opportunity for growth and development. And the level of poverty can be reduced if not totally eradicated

Empower a girl child!
Empower a lady!
Empower a woman!
Empower a nation!

~Crypto Baby


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It is sad that you need to right this post, but it is the world we live in...slowly changing though :)

Warren Buffet, the American Billionaire was quoted in a movie biography as say this:

The truly amazing thing about United States rise to become one of the richest nations on earth, is that it did it with half it's brain power on the sidelines.

He was referring to the woman who were denied the opportunity to make ful use of their talents, and as a result those talents were llost to our nation.

He said:

Think of the prosperity we could have achieved and shared with the world.

We are learning to utilize all our people, slowly and we will be stronger for it.


My happiness is that the ace system and ideology is slowly changing.
Thanks for your comment shortsegments

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The world has moved from the backward thinking of humans being restricted based on their gender/sex..

A lady is much of a child as a male is. The world has moved, I suggest we all do too

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Exactly. But then the world is made of people so we are the world.
If you say the world has moved from backward thinking, this means people have come to the light and know better.

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Pay no mind to Those people people