How Do You Earn From Brave Browser?

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Lately, I have been seeing posts from @trumpman about BAT rewards from brave browser.
In the first post he made, I told him I have been using brave browser for a while now yet I don't receive any rewards. He assumed that perhaps brave browser isn't paying Nigerians but I have been thinking about that statement and I think that's not the issue here.
That's the major reason why I am making this post to ask how you guys earn from it.
And for my fellow Nigerians, if I have any here that is earning from the brave browser, how do you guys do it?

Yesterday Trumpman made another post about BAT rewards from the brave browser, asking what we use the BAT rewards for.
Well, I would have had an answer or reply to that question but only if I have been earning from there over time.
The sad truth is I haven't, my account is 0.000. I have tried everything possible and activated everything they instructed me to, still, I can't Phantom why mine isn't working.
Please who so ever has an idea about this can help a sister out.

Who knows what the value of BAT will be in the nearest future? So isn't it wise to start accumulating it now from everywhere possible?

The comment box is opened for answers
If you have answers to why I am not earning like everyone else, or perhaps you know something, kindly share with me, thank you in advance!

PS: Screenshot from my phone

Still your;
~ Crypto Baby


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So I'm in the US. When I first started using Brave, it would send "notifications" every so often. Each notification was an ad, and each ad they sent paid you a wee bit of BAT. The ads are definitely location based, so it is possible that they don't have ads for Nigeria. Good luck!

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Hmmm well. I guess I really have to believe trumpman now.
Maybe they really do not reward Nigeria now that you have said that as well

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You aren't missing much. The BAT earnings have nearly stopped for me.

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I'm pretty much in the dark when it comes to BAT rewards too so not much help I'm afraid. Unlike you though I am able to earn a little from advertising but, having done that, I now have no clue what to do with the tokens. Actually I don't even know if the ad rewards are tokens or something else. It's on my very long list of things to look into and get my head around.

Hopefully someone will be able to help you at least start earning rewards. 😊

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I am sure those ads rewards are BAT tokens as well.
I wish I could have that at least but nothing is in for me that's why I believe I need some help🙃
Well, Just keep hodling it, you never know when you will need it.
Thank you anyway. I am sure you would have love to help.

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They only give them out once a month, have you used it that long?
If you will look for the link to the last 7 days of ads, you can earn more by giving ratings to them.
If there are none there, then I guess it is your location.

Hey @zellypearl, I found your country on this list through the Brave helpcenter.
The '11' represents active ad campaigns but I am having trouble finding info on that. I believe it is how many advertisers are currently running ads in Nigeria but I am not totally sure.

Sounds like you have been doing some digging as well and you may know of the Brave Community page but if you do not I would recommend checking there

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