I AM RICH: Check Out My Shit Balance

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I was going through my CCtip box today, and I realized I am really rich with a lot of shitcoins.
All this while I used to think that RTGS was the only shitcoin I had, not knowing I have more than a million, I was only able to screenshot this few. And when I say few, I mean it.

There are lots of coins listed in the CCtip box that you can't even Phantom what they are there for 😏
People are rich in better coins like bitcoin, Ethereum, Altcoins, BCH, etc but look at how wealthy I am with shitcoins.

For a second, just think of how beautiful my wallet would have been if it was decorated with good coins with great value.
Does it hurt seeing my balance filled with all these shits?😒
Well, I would say a BIG NO. I laugh about it every time I see it.
And the funniest thing is that I continue using the app to claim more shitcoins every day, so you see why I don't get mad or upset seeing my shit balance?

It is because I am always ready for it, I know no app would spare you their good or better coins for free just like that.
They will only come to dump and distribute these shits of a coin and give us the work of grabbing and claiming them every day lol.

Don't be deceived by my title, and of course, with the SHIT attached to it, I am sure I didn't mislead anyone lol.
Being rich doesn't always really have to do with money, does it?
You can be rich in anything or with anything.
So I am rich with shit coins.
There are so useless that you can't even switch it for anything or any other useful coins.
All the shitcoins coupled together can't be swapped for any tangible coins lol.

Remember I am not angry or upset, just having fun with my wealth.
But what would it have felt like if one day I woke up to see all these coins have values?😳🙄
Now my sentence would have taken a different shape.
The "I AM RICH" would now become worthwhile.
All the same, I am still rich with something; SHITCOINs :)

~ Crpyto Baby


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At least you have a million shit coins that could have value tomorrow, I have nothing at where I am atm.. You really rich though, i get the idea.

Let me send you 1 hive for all those coins you posses. I think it is a pretty deal?

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😂😂😂 I am rich indeed my dear.
Is it a big deal?
Why not, I wouldn't mind lol.

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Perfect collection. None of them I have ever heard . NONE

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Hehehehe. Are you sure you haven't found any you have perhaps seen or heard before?
What about RTGS? It's a certified and we'll known shitcoins lol

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Lol...shitcoin millionaire

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Yeah yeah! 😂😂
That's me for now

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Yeah for now

Hahahaha this is truly a nice collection of shit coins :D the shitcoin millionaire.

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Shitcoins Millionaire indeed :)
But what can I do? At least I am rich in something😂

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Hahaha... that is great. I've been messing around with cctip too. There are a few I've picked up where it was like get 100,000 shitcoin for retweeting. I normally grab those big ones because you never know when 100,000 pieces of nothing suddenly become worth something.

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Lol, yes you are actually right. We never know when 100 shit of nothing because something with value so we just keep grabbing and claiming haha

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The great challenge of crypto : The fungibility of shit tokens. No market..no value.

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Yes, you are right. But we keep doing what we need to do.

What is ccTip?

It is an app where you claim different kinds of coins every day but you are most likely to claim shit coins like what you are seeing from the screenshot

Haha gotcha. So not even worth checking out then?

You are free to check out. Something might interest you.
Many have been using that app and recommending them as well. It can be used for other purposes other than grabbing shitcoins😂