PAY YOURSELF: A Part Of What You Earn Is Yours To Keep

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I have had a lot of turn around this year due to the pandemic.
Being locked up inside your house without any form of freedom of movement had a great effect on some people but I would say it had a positive impact on me.

My stay in the house opened me up to many opportunities, some I grabbed with both hands but some I did haphazardly but today I am grateful I did.
During those times I read different articles and books ranging from novels, inspirational, motivational, and educational books.
The only type of books I didn't have much interest in was financial books.
I used to find it quite boring before to read any financial articles but during the lockdown period, I picked up a finance book from our shelf and started reading, and to my greatest dismay, I liked the book that I couldn't stop opening the pages.
That was the first finance book I had actually read everything back to back and still read again and again.
This book is a well-known book titled "The Richest Man In Babylon" by George S. Clason

To so many people here, you may be surprised I am just reading that book for the first time.
The book has been lingering around but since I didn't have an interest in finance books, I didn't see any need reading them.

I learned a lot from The Richest Man In Babylon

  • The five laws of gold
  • The cures for a slim purse.

I started applying what I read in the book.
The thing that interested me the most in that book was that part he made mention of Paying One's self
He was right when he said that we cheat ourselves every time we don't pay ourselves.
"A part of what you earn is yours to keep"

And now I will like to throw this question to you, How often do you remember to pay yourself each time you get your salary or your earning from anywhere?
You know just like we pay our tithes, one-tenth of all our incomes should be our own salary, and when I say that I mean savings.

Every time you receive your salary, one-tenth of it should go to you as your payment.
Before you start calculating the family budgets and expenditures.
Try this for months and years and see how fatten those savings will be.
And you won't only save them and do nothing with them.
When the money is much and whole, the best thing to do is to invest it for more profits.
Let your money birth and produce more money, like children producing grandchildren.
Don't keep it in your safe box forever, it will not make any difference if you do, so you should incest it in something and get more.

The Richest Man In Babylon, a book I will always be grateful I read, I listened to the audio version of that book and it was even better and more sensitive.

If you haven't read the book then perhaps it's high time you do.
And I am pretty sure your thinking faculty about finance and money will change automatically.

~ Crypto Baby

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