The Weirdest Thing I have Done For Money?

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Ok! guys, Yesterday I was going through my feed and I bumped into a post made by @trumpman.
He shared his weirdest thing he had ever done for money and I must say, I couldn't help but laugh my heart out. I don't wanna give you the full gist but if you want to know what it was, then go check it out with the link below

He also asked us to share our own experience with either comment on his post or create a post about it.
Mind you, this is not some kind of initiative or contest. It is just a way of sharing our experience of what we used to do for money in the past.

Though I already replied to him that I don't think I have done any weird or crazy thing for money but I was still willing to state a few that I have done which I don't consider weird cause perhaps most of us have done or tried that before in the past while some might even still be in the business.

Looking back at my past I couldn't think of any weird thing I had done for money but I know those little lame things I used to do to get money lol and I might not call mine weird things but lame and ridiculous things.


Please if you have never lied for some penny or bucks, kindly raise your hands to let me see you? Looks like you deserve a handshake.
At least I am not Judas, I don't betray people for money but I really have lied many times for money.
For a typical Nigerian we know we did this a lot in school.
Some used to lie about their school fees, some about books and school materials, and many others. I think if I list more you might laugh your ass out for the weird things some people ask money for, especially if they have non-educated parents.


I don't know if I should call this help because it really isn't. I mean I spent my time and worked my ass out to get the work done.
I spent hours helping people with their notes especially bulky biology notes that has lots of diagrams and being that I could draw very well then, one of the best artists in my class, people usually paid me to help them with their diagrams while I just do it for free for some people who were my close friends lol. So I get paid for helping or should I say working hahaha


I used to run errands for some money. Yes, you heard me well, there isn't any free thing in this world.
I even remember when my dad used to pay me to run errands for him. You can call me a bad child, I don't mind but my dad used to send me on errands that were way bigger than me at my tender age so if he needed me to run the errand for him then he needed to pay me or I would say spare me some of his cash lol.


I could go on the listing but I don't want to because even if I list them till tomorrow, you might never see any weird thing I did in my past or even now for money.
I am not money-driven. I only strive to earn and make a status for myself and be able to secure my future and not for any temporary usage.

So have you ever done any weird thing for money?
If you have, share with me
And if you haven't like me, I still want to hear the lame ones you did all for money as well.

Keep Blogging!

~ Crypto Baby

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I can't remember the number of times I lie for money. Then I can do anything just to get the money except killing

!ASH Work with us in cryptography and pray, friend! No need to lie and do bad things.

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Command accepted!

Lol, sadly we have all been there before and we know these things.

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If I am sent an errand by my parents, I just keep the change or better said as I don't return the change until they ask. Lol.

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Hahaha. My parents will still ask for the change. They don't joke with money and neither do I so they have to pay me for the tedious errands I run for them. Not actually them but my dad in particular 😂🤭

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