This Is Your Final Chance To Dump Those Fiat Currency

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This is a time that fiat currency can be put to greater use.
It is not everyone that would have had stablecoins laying around but a good number of people are still in possession of fiat currencies.

Judging from how cryptocurrency is taking the order of the day, the truth is that fiat currency is still highly accepted in most countries, I mean that is the shitty paper money we own.

Though some companies and small business units accept and pay in cryptocurrency but a good number still deal with fiat currency.

And in a moment like this where the crypto market is taking a wild turn, anyone who knows right and wants into this dip must have the so-called stable coins in holdings, but that's an unlikely factor, So why not put your fiat currency to use?

Who would wanna trade when the market is this red and bleeding? Paper hands I guess :) No one would wanna take such risk of trading one token on this dip for another, like what if it pumps the next minute right?

How about you put that useless fiat of yours to work?

Do we wish we had fiat laying around now?

In a time like this, you would wish you had some fiat currency settling or lying in your pocket.
This dip is majorly for people in possession of fiat currency and stablecoins, if you aren't among the two then you just watch the dip come and go with your wallets remaining the same.

Are You Buying The Dip?

A question we all have to answer for ourselves.:)
I am sure I don't have to remind you of those coins to buy 😎
And when buying, don't just look at the already well-paid coins but those undervalued coins with promising future :)

~ Crypto Baby


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I think it's an opportunity to buy crypto with fiat. That opportunity will not last forever. So...those who have the opportunity should buy as much as they want.

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Yeah, a great opportunity indeed and for sure it not gonna last for long so it's better to grab it earlier

Im done buying any tokens,lm pretty much just swapping them for now on. I spend my fiat on gold, silver and miners.

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Oh that's still very much good you know?

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Buying the dip is one of the best things one can do in crypto.
I have done with some. 😊