What If Bitcoin Was Not Only Bought And Mined

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The title is a crazy one right?🤭😂
Well, I love living in a crazy world with my crazy imaginations.
But come to think of it, what if bitcoin was actually earned like some other coins and tokens?
What do we think would be the value of bitcoin presently if it had a
a platform to back it up while we can earn as well.
I mean wouldn't it be a wonderful thing to be on such a platform? Getting rewarded with bitcoin through your contents? While other big Lords use it for curation too?

I am sure things would have been a lot different but what I don't know is if it would have been better.
So I can only imagine that lol.

Again one thing I do know for sure is that it would have been pretty difficult to earn or get recognized. Trust me.
A lot of people are already complaining of getting attention and an audience on other platforms let only in a platform that one gets paid in bitcoin.
Now thinking more about this, it's kinda exciting and I am just imagining so many things.
I wish this can be implemented in the future. Let's say Vision 2025🤭😂
Anything is possible, isn't it?

You don't have to see reasons with me here cause it might turn out I am not even making any sense.
Cause this is based on WHAT IF
In the end, you might realize it may never happen. Maybe not in this present state or world of cryptocurrency.
But all the same, it was just my crazy imaginations, you are very free to tag along😂
And even if you don't, it doesn't change the fact that most times I wish we had a platform backing bitcoin for Crypto babies like us to also earn bitcoin.
The idea is to weigh our wallet as well.
In a world where everyone is striving to make it.



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Well....there are faucets where people earn bitcoin, albeit in tiny quantities so your imagination is not too farfetched, of course non is comparable to how we earn crypto on platforms like this, its just a bitcoin thing,...but of course it would have probably been really nice yeah

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Yeah. Those faucets can be time-consuming at times.
It really would have been nice to have a platform that backs up bitcoin

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