Your Time Is Your Money

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You know that adage, Time Is Money?
Whosoever came about that adage knew better. He or she had critically straightened it out
Perhaps if the person didn't do that then we wouldn't have known how costly our time is.
Losing time is as good as losing a whole sum of money.
If you doubt me then try spending or should I say wasting just an hour of your time doing anything unprofitable and then come back and tell me the experience especially as a businessman.
A businessman is very mindful of his time, he doesn't risk it for anything in the world.
And time is indeed money.
As a blogger perhaps or if you are financially engaged in one thing or the other, you had plans of doing one or two things that could fetch you some coins at a particular time or for some hours. How do you feel when you lost that time without doing anything or achieving nothing as earlier planned, either consciously or unconsciously?
If you have never felt your worst then whatever that stole your time must have been for a good reason, still, your mind will be constantly reminding you that you just lost the time you would have used to achieve something tangible for yourself.

So they say, and it is. Time is money. When once it is gone, then it's gone and there is nothing you can do to bring it back.
If you want to stop losing your money then stop wasting your time.
Stop misusing your time on unnecessary things that at the end of the day wouldn't fetch you any positive result.
If you must utilize your resources well then you must learn to manage your time.
Not only for your own benefit but the benefit of others as well.
Draw out a plan for yourself and work according to it unless otherwise.

Managing your time well is the best thing you could do for yourself and your finance.
Specific time should be allotted for specific tasks you have for each day. If not you might end up missing your time or wasting it on certain things that don't even worth your time.

When speaking of "money*, you cannot leave out time because the two works together.
To become more profitable, use, and manage your time well.
Be mindful of your time and utilize it well to fit your purpose.

~ Crypto Baby


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These are the best words (If you want to stop losing your money then stop wasting your time.) I have some friends who always complain I want that, I want that thing, I don't have that, or I don't have this. But when I ask what's a problem? The answer is I don't have money for that. And when I ask then why you sit at your pc or tv? Get up and start to do something not only complain all time. And the answer I don't get. If you want something you can't waste time to get that money to get that thing you want.

I am glad you got something out of all my gibberish 😂😂
That is what happens to many people. They claim they don't have this and that yet they aren't doing anything about it or making an effort.
They rather spend and waste their time on unnecessary things.

Time really is the most irreplaceable element of life. Time is not just money. but also the most precious moments of life. You always want to make more money and live your life better. But when you look back, you realize there is something you missed, something you didn't say or do. You have to appreciate every minute, live it here and now.

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Yes, you are right that time isn't just money but it's an essential element or factor of money as such, one should always be mindful of how he or she manages his time.
Thanks for your comment

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Hi @zellypearl . Nice article from you again!!
Well, glad to see you are on hive too💪

Glad to see you too. Thank you!

Time is really of essence when it comes to money and living a productive life

I guess I'll have to plan on how to manage my time so as to make the best out of it.

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I hope you do that. Thanks for stopping by

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Time is indeed money, and time management is key to success. Good points

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Yes. I am glad you got the point

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Time is really money. Hopefully @tipu curate can work.

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