Going Galt?

in FreeSpeech4 months ago

In Atlas Shrugged John Galt encourages the producers of society to stop supporting the corrupt political system that is using them, eating them alive. He encourages leaving the "moochers" to let them learn what they truly owe to the producers.

Socialist/communists liken this to conservatives and libertarians having a fit, taking their marbles and going home. They have the wrong metaphor. The better metaphor is that of a woman leaving an abusive husband to live free, while leaving him with the consequences of his actions. If they are my marbles, I have every right to take them to my home. I am under no obligation to play with bullies.

The producers in Ayn Rand's novel do not create a violent revolution. They simply realize they can refuse to allow the mooching society to benefit from the use of their brilliant, creative minds any more. While a despotic, greedy Deep State can imprison you or kill you, one thing they cannot do is force you to think for them.

Do not feed the animal that seeks to devour you and throw out your bones. Do not cooperate with your captors. I already see "nice" Republicans doing their usual battered wife thing, hoping if they are just nice enough, the Democrats will stop hitting them. It doesn't stop unless you make it stop.

For the metaphor that inspired my post, see this by Rev. Mark Creech: The Parable of the Wicked Husband